Data Platform Operational Maturity Framework

Data Platform Operational Maturity Framework This guide was co-written by Babak Tabesh and Allyse Fristo. Organizations are undergoing data transformations and modernization efforts to remain competitive but few can effectively build and sustain the platform of their vision. Building and operating a data platform at an exceptional level is not perceived as a competitive differentiator […]

Building an Actionable Data Strategy Framework for Healthcare Providers

Today’s healthcare providers rely on data, analytics, and actionable insights more than ever. However, coordinating all the systems required to enable best-in-class data infrastructure can be challenging to even the most well-resourced healthcare providers and related organizations. Organizations are faced with challenges, both old and new. Whether it is the traditional struggle of reducing costs […]

What Are Some Examples of Top Data-Driven Companies?

Everyone’s doing it but does that mean that you should too? In this case, yes! The past two years have taught us that a strong technological business can make or break you in hard times. Companies everywhere began to realize that they did not have the infrastructure for sustaining or growing revenue. Transitioning to a […]

How Do I Implement a Data Platform?

We recently wrote a detailed post describing the characteristics of a best-in-class data platform but we didn’t describe how to implement such a platform. In this blog, we’ll explore the process and technology behind implementing a successful data platform. Before we dig into the process of implementing a data platform, let’s take a step back […]

Actionable vs. Out-of-the-Box Data Strategy: What’s the Difference?

If you’re considering designing and building a data platform, you’ll inevitably be faced with a list of important questions that need answering. Once your questions are answered, decisions will need to be made, especially around technology, architecture, training, and potential process changes. It’s important to have a plan when answering those questions and making those […]

What Does a Best-in-Class Data Platform Look Like?

The options for building an actionable data platform are near endless, especially when you factor in all the solutions for storing data, approaches to transforming and modeling data, technologies ready to consume data, and people needing to work with data. For most companies, building a run-of-the-mill data platform will not be enough. They will want […]

How to Build an Actionable Data Strategy Framework

How to Build an Actionable Data Strategy Framework This guide is intended to help your organization develop a more practical and focused data strategy framework that delivers value. The eight steps covered in this guide will help ensure you’re building a foundation for your organization when starting to utilize data as a strategic asset.  In […]