June 13, 2022

phData Awarded Snowflake 2022 Partner of the Year

By Mitch Rudolph

phData just hit a spectacular, and frankly, gigantic milestone today as we were announced as the 2022 Snowflake Partner of the Year at Snowflake Summit in Las Vegas.

This recognition is a big deal for us, our customers, our employees, and our partners.

The Snowflake Partner of the Year award is the highest attainable partner recognition possible within the North American Snowflake Data Cloud partner ecosystem. We couldn’t be happier and more excited!

“We are excited, honored, and humbled to receive this prestigious award from our partners at Snowflake,” said Ryan Bosshart, CEO of phData. “This award is a spot-on reflection of the passion, grit, and dedication we’ve poured into helping our clients succeed with Snowflake and the investments we’ve made in training our experts on the platform.”

Why Did Snowflake Choose phData?

Snowflake selected phData for several reasons. The most influential metric is phData’s positive impact on joint customers. This includes everything from completed migrations, number of platform management engagements, automation projects, creation of machine learning foundations, and so much more.

Additionally, phData’s expertise in the entire data cloud: data sharing, data engineering, data cleanrooms, and Powered by Snowflake continue to propel us within the ranks of Snowflake’s growing partner network. 

What Does This Award Mean for phData?

What makes this award so important is that it validates and recognizes all of the long hours, collaboration, grit, education, and expertise we’ve poured into every customer engagement with our partners at Snowflake. We’ve been thrilled with the results and outcomes Snowflake delivers to our customers and we’re elated to have been selected as the Americas Snowflake Partner of the Year. 

It would be irresponsible to accept this award without thanking our customers for their continued faith and trust in phData as we help them build a more data-driven future, together. Without our customers, we, of course, wouldn’t be here but more importantly, our customers give us the ultimate gift that a team of data and analytics junkies loves, a good challenge. 

At phData, we love solving complex and challenging problems for our customers, and it’s this type of work that has accelerated the capabilities and expertise of our team within the Snowflake platform and beyond. With over 60 joint Snowflake customers, we’ve done some fantastic work. 

To showcase just one example, we invite you to explore our work with NextGen Healthcare. This project had a little bit of everything, the creation of a custom software solution, successful migration to Snowflake, analytics reporting, and if we may be so bold, a crazy fast timeline. 

A snapshot of a joint Snowflake project with phData titled, "NextGen Healthcare.

We’re so grateful for every customer and frankly, without them, we’d never make it on the radar to prestigious awards like this. On behalf of the entire phData team, we’d like to extend the most sincere and heartfelt thank you to Snowflake and our amazing customers. 

Lastly, we couldn’t possibly accept this award without thanking the now “award-winning” team at phData for all their hard work, passion for learning, next-level collaboration, and grit to get shit done, and get it done well. 

How Will This Impact phData Customers?

phData has a solid reputation for helping enterprises of all industries and sizes accelerate their success story with Snowflake. This will only continue to blossom. In fact, we’re putting noticeably more resources into ensuring our clients are set up for success with Snowflake. This includes:

  • Taking advantage of our early access to new Snowflake tools and features and bringing that expertise back to our customers
  • With nearly 70 completed Snowflake certifications, we’re going to keep training our data scientists, engineers, and architects with the most advanced Snowflake courses available
  • Publishing more free Snowflake resources directed at educating the Snowflake community
  • Launching new Snowflake courses via Data Coach, our data and analytics learning platform
  • Bigger investment into our free automation software and tools within the phData Toolkit to help customers accelerate and automate their data projects with Snowflake. 

Why Work with phData for Your Snowflake Needs

As Snowflake’s largest pure-play services provider, we are uniquely positioned to help accelerate your business’s transformation into a data-driven organization with Snowflake. 

Customers look to phData’s expertise when they are:

  • Ready to implement an operational Snowflake platform and need guidance and best practices on strategy.
  • Migrating to the Snowflake Data Cloud and need an expert team to help them move successfully
  • Needing help designing, building, and operationalizing data products on Snowflake
  • Looking for security, monitoring, and support for their Snowflake platform
  • Interested in delivering data science, model serving, and operations to deploy robust ML models.

Asides from the industry-leading Snowflake consulting services we offer, we also produce hundreds of insightful Snowflake resources for free. Check out a few of our most popular resources. 

Our Most Popular Snowflake Resources

Getting Started With Snowflake – This guide was written by a published author and Snowflake expert. It contains some of our top best practices for launching your Snowflake platform to get the most out of the platform and deliver results.

Snowflake Data Sharing Quick Start Guide – Today, we’re going to take a look at Snowflake data sharing, the Snowflake data marketplace, the different ways to share data between Snowflake accounts & reader accounts, and go through a tutorial to show you step by step how to leverage Snowflake data sharing.

Hadoop to Snowflake Migration Guide – Learn how to migrate from your existing Hadoop environments to the Snowflake Data Cloud with this detailed roadmap.

In Conclusion

Grateful isn’t a strong enough word to convey our emotions, gratitude, and general feelings of appreciation for this award but it will have to do. On behalf of the entire phData community, thank you Snowflake for awarding us with the 2022 Snowflake Partner of the Year. We’re so excited to continue helping joint customers accelerate their transformation into a data-driven organization with Snowflake!

If your business needs guidance, automation, and support for your Snowflake platform, we’d love to be your guide. Reach out to our team today!

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