June 8, 2022

phData Named as a “2022 Best Places to Work” by The Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal

By Katie Zwiefel

We are thrilled to share The Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal has named phData as a “2022 Best Places to Work” for the sixth consecutive year.

Recognitions like this are very close to our hearts as we continue to rapidly grow since our founding in 2014. These past few years have proven that success is driven by the people and culture that we foster. From offering flexible remote-first working to values we hold as our compass to investing in our employees’ careers and well-being, our employees are at the forefront of our success.

What is the BPTW Award?

This list, now in its 24th year, highlights businesses that offer an exceptional work environment according to their personnel via a survey. 

Once a company applies for the award and meets the entry criteria, a survey is sent out on behalf of the Minneapolis/St.Paul Business Journal to employees. The survey is meant to gauge employee feedback of their company based on culture, communication, efforts, leadership, benefits, and more. Afterthe survey results are in, BPTW determines honorees and later announces winners.

What Our Employees Love About phData

Since 2014, the phData team has emphasized the employee experience. As we continue to grow our team globally, one facet withstands our ever-changing industry: the prioritization of our employees. 

As we face new challenges and opportunities, we continue to adapt to ensure the best environment to cultivate a community of learning, innovation, and development. 

Our Values

What sets phData apart from the rest is the core values that navigate our decision-making, prioritization, and innovative practices. Our core values, Psychological Safety, Curiosity, Grit, and Community are the wind behind our sails throughout every success and challenge.

Psychological Safety

Together, we create a climate where it’s safe to take risks and be vulnerable. This allows us to be creative, make  mistakes, and speak up about ideas or ask questions without fear of being embarrassed or punished. Psychological safety leads to an environment that truly fosters learning, innovation, and teamwork.


There is a deep desire to understand our technology, each other, and our customers. We strive to learn technology at a deep, fundamental level. We are passionate about better understanding each other and our customers so that we can deliver the technical and business outcomes they need.


Grit is a mixture of intense passion and intense perseverance. We take creative approaches to design solutions and are dedicated to following through until the problem is solved. Grit allows us to solve our customers’ most complex problems and deliver superior results.


We are better as a whole than as individuals. We appreciate and bring together our different expertise, perspectives, and ideas to develop better, more well-rounded solutions. We support, challenge, and encourage each other along the journey.

“What I enjoy most about working for phData is the culture of growth and grit. I get to work on projects that provide our clients with meaningful value, and there’s always something new to learn. Being surrounded by a talented team of passionate and encouraging individuals also makes the experience at phData all the more worthwhile.”

– Lynda Chao, Analytics Consultant

Remote-First Organization

Working remote-first allows our employees to have the autonomy to work within their own defined working hours from anywhere in the United States. 

While they have the option to work and visit our beautiful workspace in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, our team holds numerous team-building activities via Zoom including weekly coffee chats, music trivia, holiday parties, lunch and learn presentations, and more. These virtual events ensure our team can maintain relationships and team-building no matter where our team is in the world. 

Fast Growing 

Between the acquisition of Tessellation and Data Coach in 2021 and growing opportunities with our partners and clients globally, our team has experienced a boom of growth, especially in recent years. While the start-up path may seem daunting for some, if you thrive in ambiguity, challenging projects, and innovation, phData may be the place for you.

The Main Benefits of Working at a Fast-Growing Company

Exploring Multiple Facets of a Career or Job Position 

In any given role at phData, you have the flexibility and support to explore your passions. We encourage our employees to try new challenges and avenues to help shape their career experience. 

Opportunity to Grow With The Company

Working at a growing company opens doors for promotions, new positions, and even changing departments entirely within the company if you so desire. 

Fast-Paced Environment 

No two days are the same at phData. Technology moves fast,  we move faster to stay on top of projects and innovative solutions for our clients.

Hands-On Experience Early on in Your Career

Our entry-level employees don’t have to wait for years of experience before they are client-facing. While we invest in their training and development early on, we also believe that the best learning and growth manifests itself in working hands-on with projects internally and externally.

Exciting and Rewarding Projects

At phData, we have a stream of new, exciting projects ready for talented individuals to ideate innovative solutions. Every project offers unique opportunities to build skills and challenge the status quo.

Learning Environment

With psychological safety being at the core of our organization, the nurturing of your employees’ skills are paramount as they move through their careers. From our e-learning platform, Data Coach, to certification bonuses, our employees are supported at every step of the way in the learning journey. 

What I enjoy the most about working at phData is the people. Everyone is so knowledgeable about different aspects of the data world and is always willing to help out. When you are unsure of something, someone is always there to help guide you to the right answer. This has been so helpful in my professional growth as an Analyst.

– Jealyn Montes, Analyst

What Sets phData Apart

  • Remote-first culture (flexible work environment)
  • Four paid weeks of PTO
  • Competitive compensation
  • Challenging and rewarding projects
  • 401(k) matching
  • Professional Development Allowance


Thank you to The Minneapolis/St Paul Business Journal for this distinction. It is reminders like these that make our team proud of our accomplishments and the progress we have made in the past eight years of operating. 

Are you ready to make an impact in your career? We are hiring! phData looks forward to welcoming talented individuals to join our team of data experts. Are you up for the challenge?

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