phData Makes Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal’s 2021 Fast 50 List

Achieving growth as a company is a huge milestone worth noting but growing at a rate that lands you on the Fast 50 List is worth celebrating. phData is thrilled to announce we ranked 16th on the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal’s 2021 Fast 50 list!

This is phData’s second ‘fast growing’ award this year, ranking in on Inc. Magazine’s national list of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America. This award is a direct result of our dedication to our customers, our ability to innovate with technology, and our ever-present focus on helping customers extract more value from their data. 

Here’s a brief interview with our CEO, Ryan Bosshart, on how we got here and what we’re hoping to accomplish in the coming years.

What were three business decisions your executive team made that were critical to your firm’s growth from 2018-2020?

We’ve made several strategic decisions over the last few years that have put us noticeably ahead of our competition and industry. First, we invested in making phData an amazing place to learn and work. Second, we made an early bet on the Snowflake ecosystem. Third, we stayed true in applying engineering principles to our work, helping us to be at the forefront of key industry trends in Data Engineering, DataOps, and MLOps.

As your company grows its workforce, what recruiting tools do you use?

Attracting top-tier talent is no easy task but at phData, we’re very fortunate to have a strong employee referral network that consistently brings in reliable and skilled candidates. We also leverage state-of-the-art tools to source top talent (LinkedIn Recruiter, TopFunnel, and Codility).  

Have you made any permanent changes to your business operations and/or service/product offerings because of the pandemic?

One of our biggest cultural changes was the transition into a remote-first organization. What that means is all of our current and future employees can choose to work remotely, in-person at our Minneapolis & Bangalore offices, or a hybrid approach. From the service side of the business, we launched a new data strategy practice to better help our customers derive more value from their data.

What are your top three goals for the year ahead?

We are confident in the bets we’ve made this far but need to increase our investment in a few pivotal areas:

  • Data and ML strategy – helps our customers build better data products.
  • Learning and development – expand our education programs to our consultants and customers.
  • Managed data and ML platforms – expand our managed data and ML platforms offering to reach more customers.

One Last Thing

Another key metric to business growth is mergers and acquisitions. At phData, we’re constantly evaluating our product offerings, making sure we’re providing the best possible end-to-end services for machine learning and data analytics for our customers. In the pursuit of that goal, we’re humbled to have completed our first merger in early October of Tessellation and Data Coach, supercharging our services and offerings. This is a tremendous milestone for phData and we’re genuinely so excited for the future!

Interested in Joining phData? We’re Hiring!

If you’re looking to solve complex data challenges, exponentially grow your skillset, and build lasting relationships, we’d love to chat!

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