October 1, 2021

Tessellation & Data Coach Join phData

By Mitch Rudolph

We’re pleased to announce that today, analytics and business intelligence powerhouse, Tessellation and its digital learning platform Data Coach, are officially part of phData!

This acquisition was extremely strategic but honestly, a little serendipitous in how well both companies complement each other. Right down to the core values and emphasis on coaching, both businesses are in an excellent position to help current (and future) customers build better data products.

In this blog, we’ll explore who Tessellation and Data Coach are, the origin story of why we chose to join forces with them, and answers to a few key FAQs. 

Who is Tessellation?

Tessellation is an analytics consulting company that specializes in helping businesses change the way they interact with data and analytics. They help companies become outcome-driven through sustainable, repeatable processes, enabling them to focus more on understanding their business and less on the process of collecting and analyzing data.

Who is Data Coach?

Data Coach is a digital learning platform that offers in-depth training in modern business intelligence tools and self-service analytics software. Data Coach leverages video lessons and one-on-one coaching from renowned experts to help businesses maximize their data.

Why Did phData Merge With Tessellation?

With great growth comes great responsibility. 

What we can take away from that slightly modified Spiderman quote is that with our tremendous amount of growth, our customers have asked for more. Specifically, customers have told us that their strategic ambitions with data extend beyond the data engineering and ML services we provide today. They need analytics, reporting, and visualizations that can help them mine additional business insight from data. We felt it’s our responsibility to invest in our customers by continuously improving and expanding our world-class services. 

In the pursuit of that goal, we wholeheartedly believe this merger will supercharge our services and ultimately provide a more holistic offering that will transform the way our customers extract value from their data. 

Listed below are the top three reasons why we chose to combine forces with Tessellation:

  • Expedited Growth Potential – This merger provides business and career opportunities that would have taken both organizations a significant time to develop alone. phData and Tessellation firmly believe they’ll grow more quickly as a combined force.
  • Completing the Analytics Lifecycle – phData has engineering DNA. This has served us well by putting us ahead of key trends in data engineering, data platforms, and machine learning. That said, we get locked out of certain customer engagements because they need help with their entire analytics lifecycle. The combined phData will be able to fulfill that complete customer need.
  • Data and Analytics Enablement via Data Coach – As much as our customers love our services, they also have in-house strategies. The addition of Data Coach allows us to become more than a consulting company: we are their partner for data and analytics enablement. This is a unique advantage of our focus on data and will help us better educate our customers.

What this Means to phData Customers

Tessellation and phData are already working together on several large-scale customer programs. In the short term, this will continue as it does today. Long term, we see opportunities to build new industry-focused solutions and new services, featuring analytics and data visualization. We also plan to release our internal learning and development programs for dataops, mlops, and data engineering as part of Data Coach.

What this Means for Tessellation Customers

The business will operate as usual, but with an abundance of new services and technologies coming out later from the phData side of the business. 

What this Means for Employees of Both Companies

We know that the only guarantee in life is change. That said, we want to change intentionally. Our #1 goal is to continue focusing on making both companies a fulfilling place to work and delivering stellar outcomes for our customers. Over time, we’ll think about where we can integrate the best parts of each company’s culture and capabilities into the combined phData. 

What is Most Exciting?

“I’ve never been more excited about the possibilities for our business and our team. With the addition of Tessellation and Data Coach, we’re coming to market with a complete, end-to-end offering for analytics and machine learning. We’re serving the entire analytics lifecycle and can better enable customers with in-house talent strategies.” – Ryan Bosshart, CEO of phData

“Our customers are continuing to innovate, expand, and demand value from their data & analytics tools and capabilities. Together with phData, we can offer a transformational, end-to-end services model that ensures our customers have the strategy, infrastructure, process, proficiency, governance, and communities of practice in place to achieve that value.” – Baxter Boe, Founding Partner of Tessellation

In Closing

With the addition of Tessellation and Data Coach, we’re in an excellent spot to continue fueling our growing portfolio of end-to-end machine learning and data analytics solutions. 

Stay tuned for more updates!

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