October 28, 2022

phData Makes Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal’s 2022 Fast 50 List

By Mitch Rudolph

It’s been an award-winning year for phData, literally and figuratively. From being chosen as the 2022 Partner of the Year by two partners (The Snowflake Data Cloud & Fivetran) to being named a 2022 Best Places to Work, phData is extremely blessed and humbled to have received so many prestigious awards.

We are especially pleased today to announce that we’ve ranked 31st on the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal’s 2022 Fast 50 List!

For those unfamiliar with the Fast 50 List, it’s an award that recognizes the Twin Cities’ 50 fastest-growing, privately held, for-profit companies. This is the third time phData has ranked on this prestigious list. 

This award is a direct product of our collective passion to solve complex challenges with data, our ability to innovate with cutting-edge technology, and our focus on helping customers extract more value from their data. 

Making this list is not an easy task, especially for the third time. So, what’s our secret? 

In this blog, we’ll reveal our recipe for fast growth and share an interview from MSPBJ that our CEO and COO participated in.

What is phData’s Recipe for Fast Growth?

While there’s no exact recipe for achieving our rapid, yet sustainable level of growth, we believe there are a few key components that have helped phData advance this far. As simple as it sounds, living and breathing our core values company-wide is a HUGE part of our growth. 

If you were to walk into our Minneapolis office and check out our wall of core values, you’d find Psychological Safety, Curiosity, Grit, and Community listed. 

While you can certainly read descriptions of each of these on our website or by zooming in really close to the picture above, we thought it would be more meaningful to walk through a typical scenario of how they’re leveraged every day at phData.

A Day in the Life of phData’s Core Values

Meet Anitta Data, our fictional Data Engineer who works at phData. Anitta is currently working on a complex project for a global medical device company.

After several weeks of the project, Anitta eventually runs into a problem that she doesn’t have the answer to. Luckily, she feels Psychologically Safe to ask a question (even though she thinks it might be a silly question) on phData’s #askanything Slack channel. 

Within an hour, several employees from the phData Community jump in to help Anitta, going well above and beyond to ensure she’s equipped with an answer to her question.

Actual screenshots taken from the phData #askanything Slack channel

Feeling inspired, confident, and armed with a solution, Anitta gets to work solving the problem. Once the problem is solved, another one arises. 

This time it’s with unfamiliar technology. Rather than getting a surface-level understanding of the technology, Anitta is Curious and dives deeper into how it works, even going as far as to get certified since phData covers the costs of certifications (and even gives bonuses for completing them). 

Competent in the technology, Anitta hammers out the project with passion and Grit, delivering an exceptional solution to the customer—all while personally expanding her knowledge.  

While fictional, this scenario actually happens all the time at phData, across many different roles and projects.

phData has built a culture around learning, delivering, and working together to solve challenging problems that our customers face. 

Perhaps one of the largest (and most unique) advantages of working with phData is that you’re not just getting an assigned Consultant with a project, you’re getting an entire company of nearly 400 intelligent people working together to solve your challenge. 

Next up, let’s hear from phData’s leaders about the company! 

phData Interview: Ryan Bosshart & Mike Cleveland

In this brief interview hosted by MSPBJ, Ryan Bosshart, the CEO of phData, and Mike Cleveland, COO of phData, talk about the past, the present, and the future of phData. 

Describe the biggest challenge faced by your company in the past year and how you overcame it

Ryan: We completed our first acquisition at the end of 2021 and came into 2022 with new teams, cultures, and offerings. While challenging, we consider this acquisition a huge success. There was no silver bullet in making it work. We asked for feedback, experimented, iterated, and constantly looked for ways to improve.

What are your growth plans for the coming year?

Ryan: We see an expanding market and expect to continue our growth trajectory in 2023. We’ll deepen our investments in talent development and automation, and expand into new geographies and industries.

What are three quick tips for motivating your team to keep the momentum going?


  1. Provide a clear vision for where the company is going and ensure that each individual understands the unique role they play as part of the overall team. 
  2. Create a culture of trust, accountability, and autonomy. 
  3. Accept that motivation comes from within and looks different for everyone. As a leader, focus instead on setting a positive example through your actions by having a growth mindset, acting with humility, and showing empathy to your team. 

Interested in Joining phData?

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