October 20, 2022

phData Awarded Fivetran 2022 Partner of the Year

By Mitch Rudolph

We are downright giddy and delighted to announce that phData has been named Fivetran’s 2022 Partner of the Year!!

This announcement is a huge milestone for phData, as it represents the grit, collaboration, and passion we pour into every joint customer engagement with our colleagues at Fivetran.

Fivetran creates impactful data integration (think Extract, Transform, and Load) products that are essential to helping our customers move data between operating systems like the Snowflake Data Cloud. 

“phData partners with some of the largest companies on earth, including dozens of the Fortune 100, plus startups, nonprofits, and other innovative organizations – all of which need access to uninterrupted, accurate data to succeed. Our collaboration with Fivetran is instrumental in this regard. Fivetran truly values the strategic importance of its global partners,” said Ryan Bosshart, CEO of phData 

This announcement comes shortly after Fivetran deputed its expanded channel program late last month. Out of the reimagined, four-tiered partner program, phData sits at the highest (Elite) level.

To get a deeper look into phData’s relationship with Fivetran, we interviewed Blaine Dunham, Director of Partner Alliances at phData. 

Q. Where Does Fivetran Fit into the phData Partner Ecosystem?

A: phData’s core business is delivering business value from data. Bringing customer data to the cloud is the first step in delivering this value. Fivetran allows us to build data integrations that are easy to implement, scale, monitor, and maintain.

With Fivetran, phData can bring business-critical datasets to Snowflake in a few hours, allowing our engineers and customers to focus on solving business problems. The list of provided integrations is extensive and supports our customers across many lines of business and verticals.

Q. What Does Winning this Award Mean to phData?

A: This award is extremely validating. It recognizes the long hours, collaboration, grit, education, and expertise we’ve poured into every customer engagement with our partners at Fivetran. With over 60 joint Fivetran customers, we’ve done some fantastic work together.

At phData, we love solving complex and challenging problems for our customers. We would like to thank our customers for their continued faith and trust in phData as we help them build a more data-driven future together. 

A picture of Blaine with a Fivetran rep at a co-sponsored event. Both dudes are smiling with beers in hand

Q. What’s Been your Favorite Co-Sponsored Event With the Fivetran Team?

A. From co-sponsoring the Modern Data Stack Conference road show to numerous customer appreciation events, the one that sticks out the most is from June when phData and Fivtran co-hosted a box suite for the Minnesota Twins vs. The New York Yankees. Little did we know that the tie we were witnessing was a part of baseball history but also, our sales teams, customers, and leaders alike enjoyed the friendly environment and beautiful summer day!


Partner of the Year has a very nice ring to it, and we’re stoked to have this prestigious honor bestowed upon our company. On behalf of everyone at phData, thank you, Fivetran, for trusting us to implement and maintain your world-class data products for our customers. 

We are excited to continue helping customers transform their organizations into data-driven businesses with partners like Fivetran. 

If your business needs guidance, implementation, and support with Fivetran, we’d love to be your guide! Reach out to the phData team today!

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