June 26, 2023

phData Awarded Snowflake 2023 Partner of the Year

By Mitch Rudolph

We are elated to announce that phData has been awarded the 2023 Snowflake Americas Regional System Integrator Partner of the Year for the second year in a row!

This award is one of the highest attainable partner recognitions within the Snowflake Data Cloud partner ecosystem, and we couldn’t be more proud of our team! Here’s what our CEO, Ryan Bosshart, had to say:

“This award is a clear testament to the unyielding commitment, fervor, and resilience we’ve invested in ensuring the success of our clients with Snowflake. We have some of the most brilliant, driven, and team-oriented people in the industry that continue to push the boundaries of the Snowflake platform to deliver excellent outcomes for our clients. I can’t express enough my pride in our team’s accomplishments.”

This prestigious award was presented at the 2023 Snowflake Summit event in Las Vegas.

How Did phData Win Snowflake’s Partner of the Year, Again?

Winning Snowflake Partner of the Year is a notable achievement; winning it twice raises some eyebrows and ultimately begs the question, “How did you do this again?!” While there’s no particular formula or detailed process we followed to achieve this milestone, we believe a large part of receiving this award had to do with our goal of simply doing our absolute best to ensure our joint customers achieve success with Snowflake. 

That simple guideline has done wonders for our customers, but beyond that, we believe a few additional components played a major role in pushing phData toward the top.


A massive part of helping our customers be successful with Snowflake is knowing the ins and outs of the platform. At phData, we aim to gain SnowPro Core certification for 100% of our technical employees, and we support this initiative by offering bonuses, encouragement, and time off to get certified. 

The result? phData has more Advanced Snowflake certifications than any other partner. Holistically, phData employees have over 200 certifications, with MANY more in flight. We also wrote the book (blog) on how to pass the SnowPro Core certification exam.

Snowflake Resources

Another key element that has been instrumental in securing this award is phData’s substantial contributions to the Snowflake community. Over the last five years, phData has been a prolific content creator, publishing hundreds of technical articles related to Snowflake and hosting numerous hands-on labs and user group sessions worldwide. Below are five of our most popular/requested Snowflake resources:

  1. Getting Started with Snowflake

  2. What is Snowpark and Why Does it Matter?

  3. How to Talk to Your Data with ChatGPT, Snowflake, and dbt

  4. Choosing Your Snowflake Migration Approach: “Lift & Shift” or Modernize?

  5. Oracle to Snowflake Migration Guide

Customer Success

We genuinely love watching our customers succeed. We’re constantly diving into our customer’s challenges and finding innovative ways to help solve them through custom data and AI solutions, often centered around Snowflake. Through our work, phData has boasted a 98 percent average renewal rate for phData Elastic Operations, DataOps, and MLOps. 

To give you a taste of some of the challenges we’ve helped our customers solve with Snowflake, check out a few of our recent case studies:

  1. NextGen Healthcare – Learn how phData helped NextGen migrate their data to Snowflake, build a custom software solution, and enable analytics and reporting for their customers.

  2. Major Regional Bank – Discover how phData leveraged Snowflake, dbt, and Fivetran to help a celebrated regional bank optimize its live boards for their Commercial Lending reporting.

  3. Leading Marketing Company – Dive into this story of how phData helped a massive marketing company migrate successfully to Snowflake from Hadoop using Snowpark.

Automation Software

Over the years, we’ve been building a suite of automation tools to help our customers and community get more out of their data. After copious iterations and improvements, we developed the phData Toolkit, a comprehensive suite of automation tools that help customers maximize their data usage. 

The phData Toolkit is a significant differentiator in the market, especially among other Snowflake Services providers. Our Toolkit is free for customers to use and contains several powerful automation tools, including the Privilege Audit Tool that simplifies Snowflake data access auditing through insightful visualizations and reports and the new Advisor Tool that optimizes Snowflake usage.

What Does This Award Mean for phData?

This prestigious award is an affirmation of the dedication, expertise, grit, and collaborative efforts we’ve invested in every customer project with our partners at Snowflake. We are extremely pleased with the exceptional results and outcomes Snowflake provides for our clients, and it’s an honor to be chosen as the 2023 Americas Snowflake Partner of the Year!

We couldn’t possibly accept this award without expressing our gratitude to our customers, whose ongoing faith and trust in phData have empowered us to help them construct a data-centric future collaboratively.

What’s Next for phData?

Our mission is to be the world leader in delivering data services and products on a modern data platform. To support this mission, we will continue leveraging the modern data stack to help our customers solve real business problems. Additionally, we’re going to continue to work closely with our partners like Snowflake on new capabilities and features that help accelerate customer-use cases.


The term ‘grateful’ barely encompasses the depth of our emotions, our sense of appreciation, and our profound gratitude for this award, yet it is the best word we have. On behalf of the entire phData team, we extend our heartfelt thanks to Snowflake for honoring us with the 2023 Snowflake Americas Regional System Integrator Partner of the Year. 

We look forward to continuing to aid our shared customers in hastening their transformations into data-centric entities with the power of Snowflake.

If your enterprise is seeking guidance, automation, and support for your Snowflake platform, we would be thrilled to assist. Don’t hesitate to connect with our team today!

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