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Unlock the full potential of Snowflake with Snowpark Professional Services from phData

What is Snowpark and How Does phData Help?

Snowpark helps developers leverage Snowflake’s computing power to ship their code to the data rather than exporting data to run in other environments. This can be a major optimization for most businesses, often accelerating workloads by up to 99 percent.

Since its inception, phData has worked extensively with Snowpark, helping businesses of all sizes enable their teams to better collaborate securely on the same single copy of their data.


What phData Delivers

Our phData Snowpark MVP offering helps your business realize the value of Snowpark by delivering a minimally viable application that runs on Snowpark. The offering gives access to one of phData’s top Solutions Architects for a four-week timespan to implement this application. 

We’ll make sure to demonstrate Snowpark’s strengths by executing on the following tasks: 

What Can You Accomplish With Snowpark?

Snowpark is a very powerful tool for running code-driven applications on Snowflake, but it’s not for all workloads. One key benefit of Snowflake is it lets users do big things with SQL alone. 

The three following workloads work particularly well on Snowflake:

Data Science and Machine Learning

Data-Driven Applications

Complex Data Transformations

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What is Snowpark and Why Does It Matter

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Questions about Snowpark? We've got answers.

Our Snowpark MVP projects start around $30k. 

The Snowpark API is essentially a clone of Spark SQL with nearly 100% API compatibility.  If you’d like to know more, check out our Spark Developer’s Guide to Snowpark.

Yes! Snowflake & Snowpark are in fact great for machine learning because they enable the entire ML lifecycle.

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