What are the Different Licenses in Power BI?

There really is no such thing as a free lunch. Whether you think about the popular phrase in terms of economics and opportunity cost, in terms of science and the four laws of ecology, or in terms of that delicious sandwich at the shop down the street, there sadly is no way you’re getting lunch […]

New Features from Microsoft Build

If you missed this year’s Microsoft Build, you missed a lot of great new feature releases from Microsoft! New features and releases are often a reflection of the investment and, therefore, commitment that companies have to certain tools and platforms. These new features can also highlight a company’s vision or roadmap for tools and platforms, […]

What are Field Parameters in Power BI?

In the May 2022 version of Power BI Desktop, Microsoft released Field Parameters as a preview feature. Field Parameters allow users to toggle between dimensions and measures with the click of a button rather than some of the more complicated workarounds needed in the past. Field Parameters will help shorten development time for Power BI […]

How and When to Use Power BI Row-Level Security

Row-Level Security is a powerful data governance capability of Power BI and should be learned by anyone who needs to protect sensitive data. In this blog, I will provide a high-level summary of row-level security, why it is important for your team, when to use it, and how to set it up in Power BI. […]

How to Integrate Power Automate With Power BI Data Alerts

Power Automate is an incredibly useful tool that can automate various tasks, seamlessly integrating with a breadth of other products, including Power BI. We can use Power Automate to create automated workflows that ingest data, sync files, trigger notifications, and much more. These workflows can be built from scratch, users can select from a library […]

Getting Started with PowerApps

PowerApps, one of the Power Platform tools, is Microsoft’s version of a rapid development environment to build custom apps, which also includes a data platform called Dataverse. PowerApps helps transform business’ slow and error-prone manual operations into fast and streamlined automated processes. In this blog, we will go over a use case for PowerApps and […]

Likert Scale Survey Power BI Dashboard Example

Likert Scale Survey: Power BI Dashboard Example Companies administer surveys to obtain feedback on important topics. One of the most common survey styles is a Likert scale survey, which uses a five-point scale to gauge how strongly an individual agrees or disagrees with a question/statement. Based on the questions asked in the survey, the end-user […]

How to Connect Power BI to Snowflake

The Snowflake Data Cloud is an industry-leading advanced data platform provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for many businesses worldwide across data workloads. With Snowflake being a top choice for cloud-based data storage, integration with Microsoft Power BI was next in line to draw actionable insights from your data. Despite Power BI having 130+ data connections, connecting […]

What are Microsoft Virtual Agents?

One of the most aggravating parts of being a parent is answering the same question repeatedly. Instead of simply answering the question for my daughter, I enable her to answer the question for herself and make myself available to her to answer any more difficult questions as they arise.  Microsoft’s Virtual Agents tool works in […]

What are the Workspace Access Roles in Power BI?

Shared workspaces are essentially collaborative containers in Power BI Service where developers can create and edit content collectively; the type of content that can be stored in a workspace includes reports, dashboards, datasets, and dataflows.  Whether your organization needs to restrict access to a subset of sensitive data, or your developers are the only ones […]