How Do I Manage Data Governance Access Controls In Snowflake?

In our previous post in this series, we covered how the Snowflake Data Cloud allows for data availability, usability, integrity, and security.  These controls and practices are necessary to establish trust and manage risk with your data. However, data governance encompasses much more than those foundational elements.  While these controls validate that data is stable and […]

How to Implement Row and Column Level Security in Snowflake?

The Snowflake Data Cloud has tools that allow you to define a hierarchical security strategy for warehouses, databases, tables, and other internal operations. But when it comes to more granular levels of security, like row and column level requirements, you’ll run into some extra work in order to build out this security requirement in Snowflake. […]

How Do I Set Up Chargeback and Dashboards in Snowflake?

The Snowflake Data Cloud has vastly simplified how our customers interact with their data. There are several features that simplify adoptions and ease of use so that once our customers get past the initial getting started phase in Snowflake, their focus more often than not shifts to the topic of budget and cost. One recurring […]

How Can I Optimize Data Ingestion Performance in Snowflake?

diagram of a workflow for data ingestion in Snowflake

Looking for the best way to approach data ingestion within the Snowflake Data Cloud? Are you struggling to keep up with the breadth and speed of data being generated? Defining best practices will depend on where you’re loading data from and how you want to load it into Snowflake.  Most enterprises have a wide variety […]

Migrate Data From Oracle to Snowflake

Migrate Data From Oracle to Snowflake

Are you still sinking 40% of your IT budget into Oracle licensing fees? An Oracle migration to Snowflake could be the answer you’ve been looking for to increase efficiencies and noticeably reduce licensing fees.  In this article, we’ll cover when to migrate data from Oracle to Snowflake and the steps to plan a successful data […]

How To Create a Snowflake Role Hierarchy


The Snowflake Data Cloud provides a powerful hierarchical role model as the standard for defining access across the Snowflake platform. This is powerful because roles can inherit privileges from other roles, making it easier to manage access across your Snowflake account. In this guide to Snowflake role hierarchy, we will walk you through the creation […]

How Do I Build Data Governance in Snowflake?

Snowflake Data Governance

The world will have created and stored 200 Zettabytes of data by 2025, which is the equivalent of every person on the planet carrying around 400 iPhones. Half of that will be stored in cloud environments. As more and more data is created by systems, devices, and transactions, the complex challenges surrounding that data haven’t […]

Our First Look: What is Snowpark?

More than anything, modern business challenges typically revolve around solving complex problems efficiently. With the explosion of data growth (and options to process data exploding along with it) we continually see customers standardize in a couple of key areas —  regardless of the industry. Data and engineering teams are consistently choosing the Snowflake Data Cloud […]

How do I Transform Data in the Snowflake Data Cloud?

When you bring raw data into your Snowflake Data Cloud from different sources within your organization, it very likely won’t be formatted in a way that’s easily consumable for your reporting and machine learning needs.  That’s because some source systems may provide semi-structured data, while others are columnar. Some may pad numbers with zeros, while […]

How Can I Integrate Snowflake with IoT?

The number of physical devices that are connected to the web has dramatically increased in the last few years. There are expected to be 50 billion connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices in use by 2030, up from roughly 20 billion at the end of 2020. If you’ve been shopping for home appliances recently, you’ve […]