How to Democratize SAP Data with Snowflake

A graphic identifying business processes SAP touches, including HR, Finance, Sales & Distribution, Quality Management, and more.

Your data scientists’ are wasting up to 80% of their time just collecting and cleaning data, according to CloudFlower (now Figure Eight). And if your data scientists are struggling to pull together usable data at your organization, how are your business users, developers, and executive team faring? The good news is that you can eliminate […]

Snowflake Summit 2021 | phData Takeaways

Snowflake recently hosted its annual Snowflake Summit followed by the Snowflake Partner Summit. phData was honored to be a participant and attendee in both events this year! Thank You, Snowflake! At the Snowflake Partner Summit, phData received the 2021 Regional SI Innovation Partner of the Year award. We are elated to have been recognized by […]

What is Snowpark — and Why Does it Matter? A phData Perspective


With the explosion of data growth (and options to process data exploding along with it) we continually see customers standardize in a couple of key areas —  regardless of their industry. Data and engineering teams are consistently choosing the Snowflake Data Cloud as the standard for data lakes, data warehouses, machine learning, and data strategy. […]

Machine Learning on Snowflake: Clustering Data with Snowpark

Next up in our blog series on Snowpark, we’ll discuss machine learning basics and K-Means clustering in Snowpark with an example. What is Machine Learning? Machine learning (ML) is established by the evolutionary study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence. ML uses algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on […]

Executing Machine Learning Models In Snowpark

Welcome back to our blog series on Snowpark, the latest product from the Snowflake data cloud. In this post, we aim to highlight the use of machine learning with Snowpark by applying the XGBoost algorithm to a dataset using scikit-learn (or sklearn) in Python and export the model to an open format called PMML, the […]

Complete Installation Guide of Snowpark on Linux

In this technical blog post, we’ll walk you through how to install Snowpark using the Linux version, more specifically, the Ubuntu 20.04 x86-64 version of IntelliJ with version 2021.1.1. It should be noted that this installation process is similar on other operating systems. In particular, once IntelliJ is installed, the process should be identical to […]

How to Install Snowpark Into IntelliJ IDEA

Welcome to our second blog in our series on Snowpark! This post will discuss the Snowflake Data Cloud’s new product, Snowpark, and its installation with IntelliJ IDEA. Let’s dive in! About Snowpark Snowpark is a new application programmatic interface (API) from Snowflake that allows developers, data engineers, and data scientists to programmatically perform data operations. […]

How to Connect to Snowpark With VSCode

Congratulations on your interest in Snowpark! To help you get started, we put together this handy tutorial to walk you through getting connected to your Snowflake account. Our goal is that you find the following tutorial helpful on your journey to unlocking data engineering capabilities natively on the Snowflake data cloud. If you have any […]

How to Implement CI/CD In Snowflake

Businesses are constantly changing due to the economy, weather, and innovation. Similarly, the data demands of these businesses are also changing. Choosing a framework that unlocks this flexibility is why phData recommends a CI/CD framework that provides instant feedback which helps accelerate development on the Snowflake Data Cloud. This Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) […]

Snowflake Names phData 2021 RSI Innovation Partner of the Year

phData today announced that it has been named the RSI Innovation Partner of the Year North America by Snowflake, the data cloud platform. This distinguished award was presented at the Snowflake Virtual Partner Summit.  phData was recognized for its advanced capabilities and achievements within the Snowflake partner ecosystem, helping joint customers build better data products. […]