Python for Snowpark Overview

At phData, we have worked quite a bit with Snowpark since it has become available from the Snowflake Data Cloud. Historically, Snowpark has been based on Scala and Java and these languages had to be used when building data transformations or data applications. At the 2022 Snowflake Summit, Snowflake announced that Python is now supported […]

How to Monitor Tasks in Snowflake

A task is a fantastic feature in the Snowflake Data Cloud ecosystem that is ideal for defining a regular schedule for running a single SQL query, including a statement that invokes a stored procedure. It also plays an important part in our end-to-end ETL pipeline architecture using task tree. It should not be a challenge […]

Takeaways from phData and Sigma at Snowflake Summit

Snowflake Summit is the leading cloud data warehousing event of the year and we at phData were so thrilled to be able to attend. Along with our analytics partner Sigma Computing, we had quite the presence. With phData winning Snowflake Americas Partner of the Year, it was a week of nothing but excitement. In this […]

What is a Data Join in Sigma Computing?

Sigma Computing is a data analytics platform that brings a spreadsheet-like interface to cloud data warehouses, such as the Snowflake Data Cloud. Sigma takes advantage of Snowflake’s advanced, optimized query engine to ensure your queries run as fast as possible on millions, hundreds of millions, or even billions of rows of data. If you are […]

How to Estimate Compute Size for Snowflake Virtual Warehouse

When getting started with Snowflake, one of the largest challenges can be determining the size and structure of the virtual warehouses that are provisioned within your account. With various sizes, settings, and billing differences, it can be difficult to try to find the perfect match of price with performance, so that you aren’t over-paying for […]

5 Data Science & Machine Learning Takeaways from Snowflake Summit 2022

Snowflake Summit 2022 created a whirlwind of announcements and excitement within the Snowflake Data Cloud ecosystem.  One clear trend at Summit was a focus on features for data science and machine learning workloads within Snowflake.  Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting features announced at Summit this year. Snowpark Python is in […]

Snowflake Streaming API: A New Way to Save on your Storage Costs

Here at phData, we often get early access to some of the Snowflake Data Cloud’s more exciting features. This allows us to not just help Snowflake test these features, but it allows us to stay on the cutting edge of what Snowflake provides.  One of these exciting features is Snowflake’s new Streaming API that allows […]

What Are Hybrid Tables in Snowflake?

A new, exciting feature from the Snowflake Data Cloud was announced at Snowflake Summit 2022 that has generated a lot of buzz. We’re talking about the introduction of Snowflake Hybrid Tables. It hasn’t been a year since this blog post came out about improving concurrency and latency around query improvements with details on how they […]

phData Awarded Snowflake 2022 Partner of the Year

phData just hit a spectacular, and frankly, gigantic milestone today as we were announced as the 2022 Snowflake Partner of the Year at Snowflake Summit in Las Vegas. This recognition is a big deal for us, our customers, our employees, and our partners. The Snowflake Partner of the Year award is the highest attainable partner […]

How to Leverage the Time Travel Feature on Snowflake

Welcome to Time Travel in the Snowflake Data Cloud. You may be tempted to think “only superheroes can Time Travel,” and you would be right. But Snowflake gives you the ability to be your own real-life superhero. Have you ever feared deleting the wrong data in your production database? Or that your carefully written script […]