How to Send PagerDuty Alerts From Snowflake Using External Functions (Part 1)

Part 1

Have you ever had a critical data pipeline fail silently within the Snowflake Data Cloud only to be notified later by an end user that the data was incorrect?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have some sort of active monitoring in place to notify the appropriate people when data quality issues occur within Snowflake?  Rest […]

How to Create an ML Visualization and Monitoring App With Streamlit on Snowflake

How to Create an ML Visualization and Monitoring App with Streamlit on Snowflake

Imagine this scenario: you’ve built and trained your machine learning models on Snowpark and have stored your forecasting results in the Snowflake Data Cloud. Your business stakeholders want to know how well your ML models are performing, but they may not have the technical expertise to query the data themselves. What can you do? Great question! […]

Will My Analytics, BI, or Data Tool Connect to Snowflake?

When researching what tools and technologies can be combined with the Snowflake Data Cloud in a data stack, you undoubtedly will end up asking yourself the question,  “Will these technologies work together?”  This is a very important question to answer before data engineers can begin building pipelines or data scientists can utilize any business intelligence […]

How to Securely Copy Database Environments Using Snowflake Cloning

How to Securely Copy Database Environments Using Snowflake Cloning

A recent client we worked with asked if we could leverage cloning in the Snowflake Data Cloud to copy their production database to their test environment. The idea was sound, but there was still one major challenge with cloning, security. When you clone a whole database, all of the role privileges from the source database […]

How to Connect Informatica to Snowflake

The Snowflake Data Coud and Informatica are two industry leaders in cloud computing. Utilizing the Snowflake data platform along with Informatica cloud data management allows organizations to reduce costs while increasing operational efficiencies.  Additionally, Informatica provides a complete self-service ecosystem to easily get everything you can out of Snowflake.  In this blog, we’re going to […]

Integrating Slack Data Into Snowflake Using Fivetran

In our ever-growing remote society, Slack has become a centerpiece of conversation and interaction with each other, our organizations, and even our applications. Thus, Slack becomes, by default, a collector of data about people and their various interactions.  That data may include conversations, user profiles (including anything from a user’s online status to their email/phone […]

How to Write Data to Snowflake From Azure Data Factory

Data from Azure to Snowflake

Like many other ETL tools in the market, Azure Data Factory is just one that allows you to bring in data into your reporting environment. Azure Data Factory can be a powerful tool to use for businesses with pre-existing environments that already have it configured and for organizations familiar with the Microsoft Ecosystem. In this […]

How To Run dbt Models In a Centralized vs Decentralized Setup

dbt models

How to Run dbt Models in Different dbt Project Structures Within any organizational structure, the most common decision that needs to be made is whether you want a centralized or decentralized model.  There are pros and cons to both of these options (and there are hybrid approaches out there as well), but what does this […]

Most Popular Native Methods For Data Ingestion in Snowflake

Data ingestion is one of the most crucial steps in the ELT/ETL (Extract, Load, Transform/Extract, Transform, Load) procedure. It is impossible to perform any transformation without the availability and proper ingestion of the data. The data ingestion pipelines connect your databases and tools to your designated data warehouse, which also acts as the hub for […]

How to Load Your Google Analytics Dataset Into Snowflake

Google Analytics is used to monitor website performance and gather important visitor data. If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably looking for a quick, easy-to-maintain, and low-cost method for moving data from Google Analytics into the Snowflake Data Cloud.  If that’s you, you’re in the right place!  In this blog, we will extract Google Analytics […]