How to Use Snowpark With Hex For Machine Learning

How to Use Snowpark with Hex for Machine Learning

In recent years, the field of machine learning has been rapidly advancing, and organizations are seeking new ways to gain insights from their data. Snowpark, an open-source project from the Snowflake Data Cloud, enables users to write code in their preferred programming language.  When combined with Hex, a data notebooking platform, Snowpark provides an efficient […]

Protecting Your Pipeline From Malformed JSON/XML With Snowflake

Protecting your Pipeline from Malformed JSON/XML with Snowflake

So, your transformation pipeline is up, running, and automated. However, one night a piece of malformed or invalid JSON/XML processes through your pipeline or breaks it. You wake up to an operations team calling you, or first thing in the morning your end users are reporting lots of missing data or problems while you’re trying […]

How to Create 3D Basketball Shot Charts With Streamlit and Snowflake

How to Create 3D Basketball Shot Charts with Streamlit and Snowflake

Traditional 2D shot charts for basketball have been around for decades. In recent years, sports networks have begun to weave 3D shot charts into their programming for some extra flare. At first glance, this extra dimension may seem daunting to implement. In honor of March Madness, I’ve brushed up on my Algebra II skills and […]

Optimizing Snowflake Costs For Alteryx Users: 5 Essential Tips

Optimizing Snowflake Costs for Alteryx Users: 5 Essential Tips

Combining Alteryx and the Snowflake Data Cloud is a match made in data heaven. Alteryx provides an intuitive, low-code platform for data integration and transformation, while Snowflake delivers a powerful processing engine and storage layer for your consumer applications.  However, while Alteryx has a fixed cost, Snowflake operates on a pay-as-you-go model. To maximize the […]

Snowflake’s Snowpipe Streaming API: A New Way to Save on Storage Costs

Here at phData, we often get early access to some of the Snowflake Data Cloud’s more exciting features. This allows us to not just help Snowflake test these features, but it allows us to stay on the cutting edge of what Snowflake provides. After a year of working with this innovative technology, and it being […]

How To Use Oracle GoldenGate to Ingest Data Into Snowflake

Learn how to use Oracle GoldenGate to ingest data into the Snowflake Data Cloud.

The task of keeping multiple databases in sync so that data is accurate, up-to-date, and highly available is every data consumer’s biggest challenge. Oracle developed a tool to address this challenge and its called GoldenGate. Oracle GoldenGate can handle both an initial bulk load of data from one database to another and then continue to […]

How To Implement A Product Recommendation System With Snowflake

How To Implement A Product Recommendation System With Snowflake

Previously, we discussed what product recommendation systems are and why they matter for businesses. Specifically, we discussed why providing personalized recommendations to users based on their past behavior and preferences adds so much value and allows enterprises to better compete in the market. For today’s blog, we will be diving into the actual methods for […]

How Alteryx & Snowflake Accelerates Analytics

How Alteryx & Snowflake Accelerates Analytics

Nowadays, companies feel the need for an agile, responsive, and scalable data stack. Data must be available at the right moment for consumption and it might not be the easiest task to develop a strategy around the continuous pipelines and the integrated applications to set up your stack.  Alteryx and the Snowflake Data Cloud offer […]

How to Combat the Lack of Standardization in Snowflake

Approaches to Combat the Lack of Standardization in Snowflake

The Snowflake Data Cloud allows data teams to bring value to businesses rapidly. However, if the team isn’t careful, they can create a spider web of interconnected processes that are a nightmare to maintain. Therefore, it is essential for development teams to lay a foundation following best practices and putting standards in place. At its […]

What Are The Best Third-Party Data Ingestion Tools For Snowflake?

What are the best third-party data ingestion tools for Snowflake?

The most crucial step you need to perform before you begin to use the Snowflake Data Cloud as your data warehousing solution is to get your data loaded into Snowflake. Data integration is essentially the Extract and Load portion of the Extract, Load, and Transform (ELT) process. Data ingestion involves connecting your data sources, including […]