How Fivetran and Snowflake Optimize Supply Chain Operations

How Fivetran and Snowflake Optimize Supply Chain Operations

In the modern digital-industrial world, manufacturing companies generate vast quantities of data on a daily basis, encompassing logistics records, inventory information, supplier data and more. To effectively leverage this data to extract valuable insights and optimize operations, supply chain organizations require robust solutions to effectively manage, wrangle and store this high-volume of data. That’s where […]

Fivetran Supports the Automation of the Modern Data Lake on Amazon S3

At phData we try to be at the forefront of new technologies and capabilities that might benefit our customers. Today we want to introduce Fivetran’s support for Amazon S3 with Apache Iceberg, investigate some of the implications of this feature, and learn how it fits into the modern data architecture as a whole. What is […]

What Is Fivetran and How Much Does It Cost?

What is Fivetran and How Much Does it Cost?

In today’s increasingly data-driven world, businesses need reliable and efficient ways to collect, analyze, and draw insights from their data. With so many data integration tools available in the market, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best fit for your organization. Fivetran, a cloud-based automated data integration platform, has emerged as […]

Integrating Slack Data Into Snowflake Using Fivetran

In our ever-growing remote society, Slack has become a centerpiece of conversation and interaction with each other, our organizations, and even our applications. Thus, Slack becomes, by default, a collector of data about people and their various interactions.  That data may include conversations, user profiles (including anything from a user’s online status to their email/phone […]

phData Awarded Fivetran 2022 Partner of the Year

We are downright giddy and delighted to announce that phData has been named Fivetran’s 2022 Partner of the Year!! This announcement is a huge milestone for phData, as it represents the grit, collaboration, and passion we pour into every joint customer engagement with our colleagues at Fivetran. Fivetran creates impactful data integration (think Extract, Transform, […]

Ingesting Custom Data Sources Into Snowflake Using Fivetran

On its own, the Snowflake Data Cloud is a powerful platform for fueling data-driven decisions. When paired with Fivetran, you’re looking at a dynamic combo for quick and reliable data access. In this blog, we’re going to explore how to ingest custom data sources into Snowflake using Fivetran.  What Is Fivetran? Fivetran is a fully […]

Connecting Jira to Snowflake with Fivetran

This post is a continuation of the series that examines the simplification of data integration leveraging Fivetran and Snowflake. Fivetran nearly eliminates the development time required to ingest data from a vast number of the most common data sources. Snowflake distinguishes itself by separating data storage from data processing, making both cost and performance optimal. This post focuses […]