December 14, 2023

Why phData is the Right Partner for Fivetran HVR Implementation

By Arnab Mondal

This article was co-written by Arnab Mondal & Ayush Kumar Singh.

The modern-day is predominantly data-driven and not just historical but also real-time. Businesses are creating and dealing with an enormous volume of data daily. Making informed decisions and staying competitive in this ever-changing world can be achieved via efficiently accessing and processing the data. This is where data replication technologies have emerged as efficient solutions for all your data needs. 

Fivetran’s High Volume Replicator Tool (Formerly known as LDP – Local Data Processing) is a reliable and robust method for diverse systems. 

In this blog, we would like to emphasize the importance of HVR and why our team of experts at phData is the right partner for all your HVR requirements.

Why Implement HVR?

High Volume Replication, or HVR, has multiple advantages and benefits for businesses that want to improve their utilization and data management capabilities. Some of the main capabilities of HVR are: 

Real-Time Data Replication: HVR allows you to effortlessly sync data between multiple systems and ensure that everyone can access the latest data as soon as it is changed, thus reducing latency and empowering better decision-making based on the latest data.

Scalability and Flexibility: HVR can easily and efficiently handle large volumes of data, which makes it a top choice for a growing business. It can also seamlessly integrate with multiple databases, cloud platforms, and applications. These features are what make it ideal in a diverse IT environment.

Security: HVR ensures the utmost security for your data. It has robust encryption protocols and modern security practices. HVR keeps the data encrypted during transmission. You can manage and restrict access to specific users with proper authentication mechanisms and proper access control. HVR can also be deployed locally inside an organizational network, which prevents any data leaks in transit to the public internet.

Resiliency and Recovery: With continuous and efficient data replication techniques, you can minimize your downtime during data migration or any other system upgrade. The replication is very close to real-time; hence, the data loss risk is reduced, ensuring integrity across separate platforms. HVR smoothens business continuity and enables efficient disaster recovery strategies by maintaining the most recent and almost real-time copies of critical data. You can restore lost data with minimal data loss.

phData’s Approach to HVR

The phData Logo and the Fivetran logo together, joined with an "x" of collaboration

Understanding Your Architecture and Data Strategy

When approaching a potential Fivetran HVR implementation, it is most effective for us first to understand your existing data and analytics architecture. This allows us to get context on the decisions and tradeoffs that have shaped your current setup and understand where opportunities exist to utilize your data better to drive business value.

This might include discussions with stakeholders across your organization to comprehend your data strategy and roadmap, which can help us learn where HVR fits into your plans for the current use case and future ones – which can influence how a solution should be architected.

Ultimately, our goal is to partner with you to workshop where HVR makes the most sense given your objectives, resources, and constraints – and help you think through any additional considerations that might come up.

Designing and Implementing Your HVR Solution

Once we agree that HVR meets your needs and has aligned objectives, we can then help you design an optimized implementation. We will be able to guide you through the pertinent design decisions around agent-based replication, hub location/sizing, and more to create an HVR solution tailored to your use cases.

Our team will be able to draw from our hands-on experience deploying HVR across various customer architectures to apply proven patterns and methods. We would like to serve as an extension of your team and assist you in executing and testing end-to-end deployment. This ensures you have a production-ready HVR environment that delivers value from day one.

Ongoing Management and Support

We understand that a successful HVR implementation requires more than just the initial setup. We design and implement with scale in mind, automating and working with you to build change management processes where it makes sense. Instead of working in a black box, we want to be fully collaborative with your team during the development to make the project handoff as seamless as possible.  

Our assistance does not have to end at deployment, though – we can also provide ongoing support and services to optimize performance over time as your data and use cases scale, reducing the burden on your team so that they can stay focused on extracting insights rather than infrastructure upkeep. This can include everything from troubleshooting issues to keeping the HVR software up to date through our dedicated HVR-managed services team. In addition, this team can also continue advising on how to leverage HVR best and enhance your implementation when needed. Our goal is to drive maximum long-term value for you, our customer!

Why is phData the Right Partner for HVR?

phData is the right partner for Fivetran because of our deep expertise in data engineering, data warehousing, and the modern data stack. phData has a proven track record of helping businesses of all sizes get the most out of Fivetran, and they are committed to providing the best possible customer experience. Here are some more reasons why phData is the right partner for Fivetran:

Deep expertise in data engineering and data warehousing: We have a team of experienced data engineers who can help you design, build, and manage your data pipelines. We also deeply understand the modern data stack, so we can help you choose the right tools and technologies for your needs.

Prioritizes customer success: We are committed to providing the best customer experience. We have a team of dedicated customer success managers who are available to help you with any questions or problems you may have. You can read more about our case studies here.

Regularly invests in training and certification: phData regularly invests in training and certification for their team members. This ensures that they are always up-to-date on the latest Fivetran features and best practices.phData has over 50 Certifications in Fivetran and HVR combined, which is quite a significant percentage of our total workforce. 

Wide range of services: phData offers a wide range of services, including data engineering, data warehousing, cloud migration, and data analytics. This allows them to provide a comprehensive solution for your data needs.

Award-winning partner: phData was named Fivetran’s 2022 Partner of the Year. This award recognizes their commitment to excellence and ability to deliver customer results. phData is also an exclusive Fivetran-approved HVR implementation partner. phData works in close collaboration with Fivetran Professional Services to deliver on HVR implementation projects on behalf of Fivetran. This close partnership leads to the best results for our customers.

In addition to the above, phData is also a Snowflake Data Cloud Elite Technology Partner. This means that we deeply understand Snowflake and can help you get the most out of the platform. 

We have a toolkit to help you with all your migration needs, and these tools can make it easier to move your data into Snowflake and start using it for analytics


If you plan to use Fivetran for your next project, HVR might be the best choice for it, and phData might be the best choice for you. Our team of experts is ready to help you with any challenge you might face. We have worked closely with them on multiple projects and have gathered experience that cannot be easily found in online resources such as tutorials or blog posts.


The major benefits of HVR are scalability, Automated Data replication, reliability, and security of the data that we want to migrate from the source to the target.

HVR is capable of Extraction (E) and Loading (L) operations of the ETL stack and is excellent in those two areas.

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