Fivetran’s 2022 Partner Of The Year

As a Fivetran Featured Consulting Partner, we are your to-to partner to accelerate your enterprise’s transformation into a data-driven organization.

As a Fivetran Featured Consulting Partner, and the 2022 Regional Innovation Partner of the Year, our expertise on the platform is unmatched. Our customers often come to us looking for help with data integration, migrations, real-time data and batch replication, and automation needs. 

But they end up receiving much more. Our solution-centric, consultative engagements result in a clear and scalable strategy to ingest, operationalize and maximize your organization’s data using Fivetran/HVR.

Discover the advantage expert Fivetran guidance brings to your organization

Building and running enterprise data platforms is complex. Our Fivetran experts can elevate and accelerate the success of your entire organization. phData is laser focused on building data products the right way to ensure repeated success. We take you from planning all the way through pipeline creation, data ingestion, support, and integration with other tools in the data stack. 

Ingestion Strategy

With an actionable data ingestion strategy, you’ll be ready to ingest your data efficiently and scale up your processes. 

Full Stack Capability

From source analysis to ingestion to transformation, we have the expertise to guide you to a winning Fivetran strategy and implementation.

Effortless Integrations

 Have data everywhere? With phData and Fivetran, connecting to and bringing that data together to drive business insights is easy.

Data Migrations

 Wherever your data lives, we will help your team build a performant and scalable plan for ingesting and landing it using Fivetran.

We love our Fivetran partnerships

Fivetran Success Stories

Major Regional Bank Automates

South State Bank

Learn how phData was able to centralize and automate data reporting using a data stack of Fivetran, DBT and Snowflake Data Cloud.

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Trucking Company Simplifies

Major Trucking Company

Learn how phData was able to migrate data from a legacy on-premise platform to a cloud-based solution using Fivetran LDP and Snowflake.

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Getting started is easy

Our recipe for Fivetran/HVR success is built on three pillars:

phData works closely within the Fivetran Partnership Ecosystem

Technology Partners –  Snowflake, Qlik, dbtLabs, Thoughtspot, Astronomer, Confluent, AWS, Azure, GCP, DataIku, DataRobot, Spark


 “At Fivetran, our partners are the cornerstone of our business. We rely on them to deliver exceptional customer solutions across every industry and segment. When phData is involved, we can trust that our customers are not only deriving value from their Fivetran usage, they are also realizing value from the entire modern data stack.” 

Andy Bhaduri

VP Worldwide Partner Channel & Alliances, Fivetran

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