August 23, 2021

Snowflake Implementation Checklist

By Mitch Rudolph

There’s a lot of things to consider while you’re building out your Snowflake Data Cloud environment. And with so many moving pieces, it can be easy to jump around and miss a few small, but critical, tasks. This is why we created this helpful blog that contains a strategic checklist to help guide you through your Snowflake implementation.

This assessment is based on best-practices and lessons learned as a Elite Snowflake Consulting partner that has helped hundreds of our customers successfully implement their Snowflake Data Cloud. Take a few minutes to read through this list so you can maximize your investment in Snowflake!

Account Configuration Best Practices

  • Data Retention 
  • Timezone Handling 
  • Connection Performance 
  • Network Isolation 
  • Cloud Storage Integration

Cost Saving Guardrails

  • User and Query Timeouts 
  • Warehouse Resource Monitoring 
  • Warehouse Auto Suspend 
  • Warehouse Sizing 
  • Warehouse Cluster Count

Access Management

  • OAuth vs SAML2 
  • SCIM vs Tram
  • Service Account Handling

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Account Monitoring

Information Architecture Strategy and Standardization

Pipeline Optimizations

  • External Stages and File Sizes 
  • Snowpipe Configuration 
  • Streams and Tasks 
  • Scaling to Thousands of Pipelines

Ongoing Support  

If you don’t have the bandwidth to complete this Snowflake Implementation list, or if you’re looking for support from an Elite Snowflake partner, the phData team is here for you! Feel free to reach out, we love helping answer questions around implementation with Snowflake

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