June 14, 2021

Snowflake Names phData 2021 RSI Innovation Partner of the Year

By Mitch Rudolph

phData today announced that it has been named the RSI Innovation Partner of the Year North America by Snowflake, the data cloud platform. This distinguished award was presented at the Snowflake Virtual Partner Summit. 

phData was recognized for its advanced capabilities and achievements within the Snowflake partner ecosystem, helping joint customers build better data products. This success has quickly helped phData climb the ranks as one of the largest pure-play providers for data engineering and machine learning.

“We are very proud and thankful to be part of Snowflake’s success story,” said phData Chief Executive Officer, Ryan Bosshart. “Snowflake has been the ideal partner in helping our mutual customers derive more value from their data.”

phData’s tenured position in the Snowflake partner network has also permitted the company with a unique opportunity to be on the frontlines of Snowflake’s new features and products. phData was recently one of only a few partners to get exclusive access to apply their data engineering and machine learning principles with Snowflake’s latest offerings, Snowpark and external UDFs. 

phData continues to work with these new capabilities features, helping accelerate customers’ use cases while simplifying the application and machine learning experience. 

“phData offers everything you need to be successful with Snowflake,” said Snowflake Rep. “Our expansive partner network helps businesses of all sizes unlock the potential of the data cloud and we couldn’t be happier with the success phData has brought to so many of our joint customers.”

This is phData’s second award from Snowflake, having won the 2020 Snowflake Emerging Partner of the Year.

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