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We are honored to be awarded Snowflake's 2020 Emerging Partner of the Year!

Siloed data is a challenge most companies are struggling to overcome. Without a holistic view of your data, you’re missing out on opportunities to acquire new competitive advantages in your market. However, integrating disparate data sources, building fully monitored data pipelines, and ensuring CI/CD best practices — all while ensuring data quality, reliability, and security — is easier said than done.

Snowflake Data Engineering from phData provides the support and platform expertise you need to get your streaming, batch, and interactive data products into production. As a leader in the data engineering space, we bring proven tooling, automation, and engineers with deep Snowflake expertise into the equation. This enables you to transform messy, heterogeneous data into a unified data warehouse so you can make crucial, data-driven business decisions.

Snowflake Data Engineering Offerings

Get the services and expertise you need to succeed with Snowflake:


Data Modernization

Prepare your organization to become a truly data-driven enterprise. We help you define your data strategy and implement tested, sustainable frameworks and tooling for successful delivery.

phData Data Engineering

Data Engineering

Execute and deliver the data products that deliver results and drive your business forward.

Deliver data products in weeks, not months

Our seasoned solutions architects and data engineers help you get the right infrastructure, tooling, and software delivery processes in place to deliver successful data products on Snowflake.

Greater scalability at lower costs

Say goodbye to gigantic data warehouse contracts. We’ve invested in building customized tooling and automation on Snowflake that not only delivers results faster, but also more cost effectively — especially in concert with Snowflake’s pay-what-you-use pricing model.

Proven approaches for faster time-to-value

Whether you’re migrating your existing on-premises data warehouse to Snowflake or building an all-new cloud-native solution, our Snowflake specialists help you break down data silos faster — with proprietary tooling like phData SQLMorph and open source tooling like Streamliner to speed data ingestion.

More powerful insights

Once data is hydrating your cloud data warehouse, our experienced engineers are at your disposal to identify and build the data products your business needs — combining data from disparate, heterogeneous sources to set your projects up for success.

A strong foundation for future success

We help you set up sustainable processes to deliver stable data products — all grounded on sound engineering principles, Snowflake-specific best practices, and established CI/CD processes — with tooling for configuration-driven development and higher coding standards.

Why phData Data Engineering on Snowflake?

Cloud and data migration confidence

As a service provider uniquely focused on Snowflake, we know how to help you build successful data engineering processes and pipelines with a solid foundation that makes the most of Snowflake’s cloud-native architecture. We offer large scale migration services from a wide range of sources such as Teradata, Exadata, SQL Server, Oracle, and Hadoop to Snowflake, as well as SAP data extraction services to ensure customers are getting their valuable SAP data into the right hands. We accomplish this by using best-in-breed technologies.

Depth of expertise over breadth of manpower

Unlike general systems integrators — who tend to rely on technology generalists who may be learning Snowflake on the job — we put experienced specialists at your disposal, with deep data engineering and platform-specific expertise.

With a leaner, more agile team that actually understands core ecosystem technologies, we help you see success in weeks, not years — helping you make key technology decisions, build with a cloud-centric approach and Snowflake-specific best practices in mind. And at the end of the day, this “go-deep” approach beats “going wide” in every single dimension, including cost.

Smart software + human services and expertise

We’ve developed an array of automation patterns, tooling, proprietary software, and open-source software based on both our platform expertise around Snowflake and best practices we’ve seen for various use cases — which helps you speed migration and save money.

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Dependable data products, delivered faster.

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