How to Integrate Power Automate With Power BI Data Alerts

Power Automate is an incredibly useful tool that can automate various tasks, seamlessly integrating with a breadth of other products, including Power BI. We can use Power Automate to create automated workflows that ingest data, sync files, trigger notifications, and much more. These workflows can be built from scratch, users can select from a library […]

Getting Started with PowerApps

PowerApps, one of the Power Platform tools, is Microsoft’s version of a rapid development environment to build custom apps, which also includes a data platform called Dataverse. PowerApps helps transform business’ slow and error-prone manual operations into fast and streamlined automated processes. In this blog, we will go over a use case for PowerApps and […]

Likert Scale Survey Power BI Dashboard Example

Likert Scale Survey: Power BI Dashboard Example Companies administer surveys to obtain feedback on important topics. One of the most common survey styles is a Likert scale survey, which uses a five-point scale to gauge how strongly an individual agrees or disagrees with a question/statement. Based on the questions asked in the survey, the end-user […]

How to Connect Power BI to Snowflake

The Snowflake Data Cloud is an industry-leading advanced data platform provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for many businesses worldwide across data workloads. With Snowflake being a top choice for cloud-based data storage, integration with Microsoft Power BI was next in line to draw actionable insights from your data. Despite Power BI having 130+ data connections, connecting […]

What are Microsoft Virtual Agents?

One of the most aggravating parts of being a parent is answering the same question repeatedly. Instead of simply answering the question for my daughter, I enable her to answer the question for herself and make myself available to her to answer any more difficult questions as they arise.  Microsoft’s Virtual Agents tool works in […]

What are the Workspace Access Roles in Power BI?

Shared workspaces are essentially collaborative containers in Power BI Service where developers can create and edit content collectively; the type of content that can be stored in a workspace includes reports, dashboards, datasets, and dataflows.  Whether your organization needs to restrict access to a subset of sensitive data, or your developers are the only ones […]

How to Compare a Value Using Multiple Date Ranges in Power BI

Every now and then, a client will ask if it’s possible to use Power BI to compare values using two manually adjustable date ranges. The answer is of course, yes. However, the steps to get there involve a couple of tricks that may not be so obvious. All you need to make this happen are […]

What is the Microsoft Power Platform?

Data is more important than ever in the decision-making process, but perhaps even more important is how users access and interact with that data. In any organization, the ability to react quickly to the changing market is imperative. With so many tools available to transform data, interact with it and share insights with others, it […]

How to Use Microsoft Dataverse

If you’ve ever used Microsoft’s Power Platform suite, you might have seen “Dataverse” and wondered what you could do with it. Dataverse is Microsoft’s secure cloud data storage platform that can be used in conjunction with Microsoft’s Power Platform suite, including Power BI, Power Automate, Power Apps, and Power Virtual Agent.  Any company looking for […]

How to Endorse Power BI Content

Endorsing content within Power BI encourages a flourishing data culture through the increased availability of standardized, trustworthy data and content. It provides a definitive way to announce across an organization that “this content right here is reliable and should be used and shared”. While endorsing Power BI content can apply to any organization that creates […]