phData Makes Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal’s 2022 Fast 50 List

It’s been an award-winning year for phData, literally and figuratively. From being chosen as the 2022 Partner of the Year by two partners (The Snowflake Data Cloud & Fivetran) to being named a 2022 Best Places to Work, phData is extremely blessed and humbled to have received so many prestigious awards. We are especially pleased […]

Beyond the Data: Dakota Kelley, Sr. Data Engineer

It’s been a hot minute since we featured someone for Beyond the Data…in fact, I’m embarrassed to admit that it’s nearly been a year… But have no fear, this series is back! For those unfamiliar, Beyond the Data is a down-to-earth series where we explore the people behind phData. For the relaunch, I wanted to […]

phData Awarded Fivetran 2022 Partner of the Year

We are downright giddy and delighted to announce that phData has been named Fivetran’s 2022 Partner of the Year!! This announcement is a huge milestone for phData, as it represents the grit, collaboration, and passion we pour into every joint customer engagement with our colleagues at Fivetran. Fivetran creates impactful data integration (think Extract, Transform, […]

What It’s Like to Interview and Work as a Solutions Architect at phData

Interviewing can often be an anxiety-ridden roller coaster filled with poor communication, unnecessary stress, and plenty of what-ifs. A big part of this paradox is the fear of the unknown. How many interviews will it take before I’m hired? When does the topic of compensation come up? What is the interview process like? Is it […]

phData Awarded Snowflake 2022 Partner of the Year

phData just hit a spectacular, and frankly, gigantic milestone today as we were announced as the 2022 Snowflake Partner of the Year at Snowflake Summit in Las Vegas. This recognition is a big deal for us, our customers, our employees, and our partners. The Snowflake Partner of the Year award is the highest attainable partner […]

How to Start a Career in Analytics

A picture of a job seeker looking exhausted at his job search

If you’ve ever opened up an analytics job description on LinkedIn, scrolled down to the qualifications section, and were disheartened by reading “5-7 years of experience”, this might be the blog for you as I explore the age-old question of how you get experience in the analytics industry without experience. Many of us at phData […]

Starting Your Career at phData after Graduating College

Landing your first role fresh out of college can be daunting. With little to no experience, it is difficult for many to “get their foot in the door” in the data industry. However, looking back at my decision to start my career at phData, it goes down as one of the best decisions I have […]

What’s the Best Undergraduate Major for a Career in Data Analytics?

How do you get a job in data analytics? When asked this, I generally recommend our tool, Data Coach, to help users upskill in data analytics technologies and create a portfolio of data artifacts. Both are great for potentially furthering knowledge and careers. That said, it is natural for individuals just starting their careers to […]

How to Succeed in Your First Analytics Role

This blog summarizes a webinar that I was a part of recently as one of three featured phData analysts. We described our respective journeys into Analytics and how we have been able to learn, grow, and find success. We explained why and how we got into analytics, the qualifications we picked up along the way, […]