Beyond the Data: Manashi Chakraborty, Director of People Operations (India)

Manashi Chakraborty.

In this month’s Beyond the Data feature, we’re returning to Bangalore to meet Manashi Chakraborty, a free-spirited and vital component of the phData employee experience. As the Director of People Operations, Manashi helps phData employees feel engaged and empowered to do their best work. Learn more about Manashi (professionally and personally) in this month’s article! […]

What Does Bench Time Look Like at phData?

A picture of a man working remote on a bench in front of a baseball field

Working for a consulting company comes with several unique and meaningful advantages but it’s often a misconception that when you’re in-between projects, not doing billable work, AKA on the “bench,” your job is in jeopardy. While this may be true for other consulting services companies, at phData, bench time is an exciting opportunity for our […]

Tessellation & Data Coach Join phData

We’re pleased to announce that today, analytics and business intelligence powerhouse, Tessellation and its digital learning platform Data Coach, are officially part of phData! This acquisition was extremely strategic but honestly, a little serendipitous in how well both companies complement each other. Right down to the core values and emphasis on coaching, both businesses are […]

What is it Like to Work 100% Remote at phData?

A picture of a man working outside

At phData, we’ve officially gone remote-first, removing any ambiguity to the question, “Will we ever return to the office?” While our employees are certainly welcome to enjoy the perks of our wonderful downtown Minneapolis and Bangalore offices, many choose to work remotely, or even work a hybrid approach. In this blog, we’ll uncover what it […]

Beyond the Data: Kate Wilhelm, Regional Sales Director

In this month’s Beyond the Data feature, we’re heading down to Austin, Texas to meet Kate Wilhelm, an extraordinary, live-music-loving Regional Sales Director that has an authentic passion for helping customers solve complex problems with data. Tell us your name, where you’re from, and a little about you. My name is Kate Wilhelm and I […]

6 Reasons You Should Join phData

Are you looking for your next big challenge? Give phData a second (and third) look. Whether we’re building an AWS MLOps platform for a large restaurant chain or developing a streaming service for emergency responders in one of American’s largest cities, phData is the company where you get to make an impact. From Minneapolis to […]

Beyond the Data: Ravi Kumar, Sr. Data Engineer

A picture of Ravi sitting at a table that overlooks the great Solang Valley in the Himalayas

For this month’s Beyond the Data, we’re venturing overseas to our Bangalore office to meet Ravi Kumar, a talented Sr. Data Engineer with a passion for programming, traveling, and ping pong. Tell us your name, where you’re from, and a little about you. My name is Ravi Kumar and I’m currently residing in Bangalore, Karnataka […]

Beyond the Data: Marilou Chanrasmi, Director of Learning and Development

With just three months under her belt at phData, US-based employee Marilou Chanrasmi has already rolled out a number of fun and impactful initiatives to positively impact the company’s global learning and development program. In this month’s Beyond the Data, we’ll take a closer look at the foundational work Marilou is doing at phData and […]