March 27, 2024

Beyond The Data: Ajay H N, Solutions Architect

By Izzy OKonek

Welcome back to our employee series, Beyond the Data! This month, we’re venturing to our India office to feature Solutions Architect Ajay H N.

A fun fact about Ajay is he loves to take spontaneous trips with his wife Manasa. They enjoy spontaneous trips to quieter destinations, often favoring mountainous areas and scenic forests.

Tell us your name, where you’re from, and a little about you.

My Name is Ajay H N. I live in Bengaluru, Karnataka, with my wife. My roots are from Halebeedu, Hassan, Karnataka, which is well known as the Capital of the Hoysala Dynasty and recently was listed under UNESCO heritage sites. 

I am originally from JNV(Hassan) and completed my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering from SIT, Tumakuru. I enjoy traveling often, preferably during the slow season, to avoid the crowd. I’m a foodie, and I love to explore all the local cuisines during my travels. If anybody is looking for a long bike ride, count me in.

How has Your Promotion Impacted Your Learning and Growth Within the SA Role at phData?

As a Solutions Architect, I still handle the same tasks I did before getting promoted, but now I also have some extra responsibilities and a few shifts in what I focus on. I spend more time in design than development, allowing me to participate in more parallel projects. 

This role allows for communication with the sales team, and I learn more about how they operate. Now, I see the bigger picture of client engagement and operate according to their needs and industry standards. Overall, I love my new role. With great power comes great responsibility!

How has phData Supported Your Learning and Growth, Ultimately Leading to Your Promotion to an SA Role?

phData is the most supportive organization I have worked with in my entire career. Whether it’s financial or moral support. phData’s core values speak for themselves, and I can see the reflection in all the employees. 

phData has an excellent community built. We have expertise in all the Data Engineering tech, tools, and platforms that can support us. We have free access to amazing content out there (Udemy and Blogs). Also, phData encourages those hungry to learn and grow through moral and monetary appreciation.

What do you actually do on any given day as a Solutions Architect?

My day starts with reading the tech blog posts shared by colleagues in our IM. This helps us keep ourselves up-to-date with the market. Then, followed by project work, helping the team or our customers in building/designing solutions. This involves participating in meetings and brainstorming sessions to answer customer’s queries and build solutions. I end the day by exploring new tech tools in the market and sharing it internally. The list goes on with other fun projects I participate in.

What Separates phData From Other Jobs You've Had?

As I stated before, phData is a company that focuses on keeping its employees happy. They have an excellent work culture, everyone is treated equally, and they have an excellent leadership team that is very approachable. 

I have obtained a good work-life balance compared to my past experience. Remote work is one of the biggest benefits we have working here. So far, phData has hired great employees who align with the company’s core values, resulting in a good working environment.

You Have Worked Remotely From Some Very Interesting and Exciting Places, What’s Been Your Favorite?

I traveled to Ahmadabad, Gujrat because my wife attended training for her job. I had two months to explore nearby places and wanted to ensure I explored the whole town. I drove my car to Ahmadabad. I was able to make it to most of the places over weekends and some with connected PTOs.

I visited this area at the end of winter, so I had no problem visiting neighboring states such as Rajasthan and Maharashtra. This trip changed my perception of these states a lot. There is a saying in Kannada, “Desha Suttu Kosha Odu,” which means the best way to gain knowledge of life is by traveling through the world and reading books. Now, I understand why some experiences are beyond words and require exploration to grasp truly.

Where's the Next Place You'd Like to Travel to, and What Would be the First Thing You'd Do There?

Bhutan and New Zealand have been on our bucket list for a very long time. I prefer bike rides, so rent a bike and cruise through their exceptional landscapes.

What is Your Favorite Type of Cuisine? And Where is the Best Place to Enjoy it?

All South Indian cuisines, mostly Masala Dosa. I’ll always enjoy crispy Masala Dosas, followed by a filter coffee from well-known legendary eateries in South Bengaluru. If you are in Bengaluru, Basavanagudi and Malleshwaram are the places you must visit to find these legends.

Outside of Work, What's Your Life Like? What do you do for fun?

I’m a little lazy if I don’t do office work or travel. I watch movies or TV series on OTT or cable. I enjoy taking small road trips if my personal life gets boring and slow. I prefer to ride bikes on roads like Goa roads, which are narrow, covered by nature and have no potholes. I enjoy playing badminton or table tennis if I find someone to join me.

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