March 5, 2024

phData Adds Its Access Tool to the Snowflake Marketplace as a Snowflake Native App

By Tony Foerster

We’re excited to announce that the Access tool from the phData Toolkit is now available in the Snowflake Marketplace!

As a Snowflake Native App, the Access Tool is easier than ever to integrate into your Snowflake environment and start answering complex access-control questions about your accounts.

What is the Access Tool and Why Use it?

The Access Tool is a first-of-its-kind application that helps users and administrators better understand roles and privileges in the Snowflake Data Cloud using a searchable interface where you can drill down into your Snowflake account access grants, including users, roles, databases, and schemas.

With this powerful interface, you can quickly answer questions about who has access to data in your account and how that access was granted. Some otherwise difficult questions the Access Tool can answer include:

  • Which users or roles have access to objects such as warehouses, databases, or schemas?
  • How do users have access to an object or resource?
  • Is my privilege model and information architecture being followed?
  • What role do I need to access a particular dataset?
  • Who are my system administrators?
  • Who owns an object?
  • Which users are active in the environment?
  • How many objects of each object type are in my environment?

The Access Tool is free for all users for simple schema-level exploration, and available to phData clients for any object type, including views, tables, functions, procedures, and many more.

Why Use Snowflake Native Apps?

Transitioning to a Snowflake Native App brings unparalleled ease of use to Snowflake customers:

  • Completely Cloud Native: No hardware or continuous integration environments.
  • Seamless Connectivity: Zero complex remote connection setups and credential management.
  • Effortless Sharing: Sharing in-depth reports is now as simple as sharing a URL.
  • Straightforward Scheduling: Automate reports using Snowflake Tasks with minimal setup.

This is phData’s second Snowflake Native App on the Snowflake Marketplace following the success of the Advisor Tool, which is another free tool from Toolkit that helps identify and fix potential security risks in your Snowflake account.

Getting Started

At phData, we’re not merely creating applications; we’re reshaping the way businesses engage with their data. Leverage our Access Tool today to help your busines unlock the full value of your Snowflake investment.

Ready to see the Access Tool in action? 

Visit the Snowflake Marketplace today!

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