Dashboard Design Best Practices: How To Prototype

This blog is the second in a series on prototyping. In this series, Autumn Battani and I will walk you through why prototyping can help benefit your development process, options that you have for implementing it, and best practices to keep in mind. If you haven’t already, check out the first post covering why integrating prototyping into […]

5 Tips for Managing a Successful Analytics Project

Like a lot of people in analytics, I have had a winding career journey that led me to phData. I was an academic research scientist performing in vivo experiments on models of glioblastoma multiforme, I was performing genetic editing experiments to knock out novel cancer genes, I was later a business analyst at a healthcare […]

Dashboard Design Essentials – KPI Templates

I am super excited to introduce another addition to the Dashboard Design Essentials series with this post on business dashboard KPI designs featuring work in Power BI. We will be covering how to design BANs, trend lines, tables, and change metrics to create a KPI template that will bring any business dashboard to life. BANs The term […]

Dashboard Design Best Practices: Why You Should Prototype

When building dashboards, there’s a large part of the job that happens outside of Tableau. In a previous blog, I talked about the importance of managing user feedback and how I go about that successfully. In these next few blogs, my colleague Jacob Blizzard and I will be talking about prototyping, which is the practice of modeling the look and, […]

Dashboard Design Essentials: Dashboard Layout & Formatting

If you’re reading this post I guess you made it through Part I of the Dashboard Design Essentials series! If you haven’t already read that post, make sure to check it out as we’ll be referencing back to some of the concepts discussed there. In Part I of this series we talked about fundamental concepts […]

Dashboard Design Essentials: Basics of Design

This post is the first in a series of posts aimed at providing resources to organizations and dashboard developers to help bring their dashboards to life regardless of what BI tool they use. Basic Design Principles Luckily, basic design principles do not discriminate between BI platforms. There are a few main design principles that are […]

Consulting 101: What To Do With No Data

If you’re a data visualization consultant, I know that you’ve faced this dilemma: you have your requirements, you understand your use cases and deliverables, but the proper data pipelines are not set up yet. But your project kicks off soon, so what do you do!? If you’ve ever found yourself in this spot, this blog […]

A Typology for Dashboard Insights: Contextual, Functional, and Strategic Data Points

One of the key questions I typically ask clients is “What business decision do you need to make with this information?” or “How does this information shape your decision-making process?” Sometimes clients bristle at this question. They may not quite know how to respond – either because they are simply used to seeing what they […]

Six Things That Are Killing Your Dashboard Performance

There are a few quick changes you can make that will improve your dashboard’s performance from slow to pro. These changes can take your dashboard from a minute to load to less than 5 seconds. Check out these tips to get your performance humming. 1. Grand Totals Seeing grand totals is important to help put your data […]

Choosing the BI Tool That is Right for You

Choosing a BI tool for your organization can be tedious. Get the decision right, and you’re a hero. Choose a tool that ends up not meeting people’s needs and being too expensive can quickly land you on people’s favorite villain list. At Tessellation, we routinely talk to directors and managers who are making this kind […]