KNIME Elite Partner

As a KNIME Elite Partner, we can help your business develop data preparation and science workflows, migrate your existing workflows from other tools, and provide your team with best-in-class KNIME training.

Extract more value from your data with phData’s KNIME consulting services. Our team of top analytics engineers have years of combined experience building dynamic, efficient, and sustainable data workflows in KNIME for a variety of clients spanning multiple industries. 

Whether you need help building new workflows or migrating existing ones from other analytics platforms, our KNIME experts would love the opportunity to help your business make more data-driven decisions. 

Level up your KNIME investment with our expertise

Development Services

Let our team do the heavy lifting of designing, building, and operationalizing dynamic, functional, and effective data workflows for your organization. 

Build Data Culture

Build a robust data culture across your organization by letting our experts guide your business users, analysts, and executives through training, development, and support.

Migration to KNIME

Put our expertise to the test as we help you modernize your analytics platform with accelerated migrations that eliminate mistakes and minimize costs when moving to KNIME. 

KNIME Server Administration

Deploy and maintain a governed KNIME Server instance to optimize performance and value from the platform.

KNIME Training

Upskill your workforce through Data Coach, our analytics training platform. We offer courses in KNIME to get any analyst or developer up and running in a matter of weeks.

Want to learn more? Reach out to speak to a KNIME expert. 

Our formula for KNIME Analytics Platform and Server success is built on three pillars:

Meet our KNIME expert, John Emery

John Emery is a Principal Consultant and KNIME lead at phData. His experience includes degrees in geography and quantitative finance, working for the US Army as an operations research analyst,  and a business intelligence analyst in the consumer financing industry. As a consultant at phData, John has established himself as a leader in analytics engineering using KNIME, Alteryx, Tableau Prep, and others.

John’s passion for KNIME stems from its open-source platform and freely available desktop tool, KNIME Analytics Platform. John believes strongly that everybody should have access to premier tools and that barriers to entry should be removed wherever possible.

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Data Coach is our premium analytics training program with one-on-one coaching from renowned experts.

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