Data Visualization

Leverage our data experts to quickly craft state-of-the-art visualizations and insights for your data needs.

What is Data Visualization?

Data visualization enables users to interact and connect with data to discover insights, trends, outliers, and patterns. This allows users of these data products to make data-informed decisions.

Data visualization is more than creating a dashboard. Our solutions range from mobile dashboards to architecting complex self-service environments. We develop dashboards and data tools that withstand changes to data over time and allow users at all levels to intuitively connect with data to make new discoveries.

Why do you need Data Visualization?

What is (and is not) covered in a Data Visualization project? 

What is typically covered?

What is not typically covered?

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Got Data Visualization questions? We've got answers.

We are the Robin to your Batman. Our data Zen Masters and Ambassadors have hands-on experience working collaboratively with leading enterprises (small & large) across many verticals. As your sidekick, we’re completely invested in helping your organization unlock more value from your data visualization initiatives. Our clients love that we’re a Tableau Premier Services partner and our extensive dashboard library.

For us, not everything we create is a dashboard. Sometimes clients need to automate presentations for executive or sales teams. Other times they are looking for us to build a front-end to a data science model or build out a scenario planning tool that leverages machine learning models in the background. Even when we talk about dashboards, we know there are multiple styles to consider: executive, function, descriptive, etc–all of which depend on understanding the needs of the end user.

An effective data visualization is one that engages the audience and has a clear story. It shows a connection between the data and allows the audience to quickly understand the information presented before them. 

The cost of a data visualization engagement varies based on the complexity of the data, the number of visualizations being created, and the level of interactivity desired by the audience. Engagements can range from one month to multiple years–with the cost starting around $25K. To understand more about how much data visualization consultants cost, check out this blog post by Tableau Zen Master, Luke Stanke.

Why our Data Visualization framework is so sought after 

We focus on efficient decision making and leveraging the best practices in guiding data visualization engagements. We build user-friendly products that will save your organization time and allow you to make pivotal decisions grounded in data. 

Unmatched Talent

Our industry-recognized data experts, including Tableau Zen Masters and Ambassadors, have exceptional knowledge in dashboard analytics.

Delivery Process

For every data product, we follow a proven process that consistently delivers favorable results. 

Intuitive Design

Our agile, human-centered design processes iterates on the changing needs of your audience.

Powerful Automation

Our automated analysis and reporting will save your team invaluable time to focus on more important projects.

Solving the Impossible

Our team’s extraordinary depth of knowledge enables your “out-of-the box” ideas to come to life.

Future-Proof Solutions 

Our data products are always designed to scale sustainably alongside your data and users.

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