March 8, 2024

What Does an Alteryx Consultant Do at phData?

By Thales Donizeti

Working as an Alteryx consultant isn’t just about knowing the ins and outs of a software tool; it’s about understanding how this tool can make a real difference in various industries. As a consultant with six years of experience dedicated to Alteryx, I’ve seen its impact across sectors from healthcare to banking institutions. 

Understanding what an Alteryx consultant does is important for any organization looking to leverage data for strategic advantage. This role goes beyond mere data analysis; it involves driving business growth and efficiency through the platform. The combination of technical skills and business insight is what makes this type of professional stand out from the crowd. 

In this blog, we will explore several key areas where an Alteryx consultant can be particularly valuable.


In pre-sales, our job isn’t just to help sell Alteryx products. We show the specifics of how it can solve real business problems. This means working alongside sales teams, demonstrating through Proof of Concepts (POCs) and use case scenarios how Alteryx can address real-world industry needs and deliver tangible value. 

We bridge the gap between theoretical potential and concrete, measurable outcomes through practical demonstrations, proving Alteryx’s worth. When it comes to license selling, the consultant’s task is to articulate the value proposition of Alteryx in the context of the prospective client’s specific needs. 

This involves a deep understanding of the various Alteryx offerings, such as Designer, Server, and Analytics Cloud Platform, and how each can be leveraged to meet different business objectives. The consultant must identify the client’s pain points and demonstrate how Alteryx’s features can address these issues, justifying the software’s investment.

A significant part of the job also involves proposing and planning professional services that utilize Alteryx. It demands a clear understanding of the client’s needs and a practical application of Alteryx to achieve their business objectives. 

It’s about painting a picture of the end-to-end solution, from data integration and workflow automation to advanced analytics and insights generation, all associated with the client’s unique operational context.


Once a client is on board, our focus shifts to enablement. This is where we roll up our sleeves and get down to the nitty-gritty of training users. Our approach is customized to meet each company’s unique challenges with training sessions and workshops. It’s not just about teaching how to use Alteryx; it’s about helping users understand how to apply it effectively in their specific context. 

We also focus on ensuring that the training participants become self-sufficient, enabling them to develop their own use cases using the Alteryx platform effectively. At phData, our Data Coach program is a prime example of this hands-on, personalized approach to enablement.


Engaging in data development projects is where the consultant’s expertise shines. Whether it’s a project centered around Alteryx or integrating it as a part of a larger solution, our role is to develop efficient workflows, understand and translate business requirements, and write comprehensive documentation. The end goal is always to deliver a solution that not only meets but exceeds client expectations. 

These solutions must be functional and efficient while also bringing fresh, advanced methods that give clients a competitive edge. The primary goal should be providing ROI (return on investment). It can manifest in various forms, such as time savings through automation, uncovering new revenue opportunities, or bringing operational efficiencies.  

An Alteryx consultant must always aim to demonstrate value when developing workflows. It’s important that the development process is conducted in a manner that allows the stakeholders to clearly see and understand the value of the work, not only focusing on the technical aspects of a workflow but also ensuring that its business impact is evident and aligns with the company’s goals.

Managed Services

Our job doesn’t end with project delivery. In managed services, we take on the role of Alteryx admins, monitoring the Alteryx environment within a company. This includes activities like user support, managing licenses, upgrading versions, and setting best practices. 

This aspect of the job requires a balance of reactive problem-solving skills and proactive planning, always prioritizing user experience while establishing security, governance, system integrity, and compliance. 

We also work closely with clients to understand their evolving needs, suggesting and implementing improvements to keep their Alteryx environment functional and up-to-date with relevant features. 

At phData, we have a flexible and specialized team called Elastic Operations, focused exclusively on running & automating the operations of data infrastructure.

A Day in the Life of an Alteryx Consultant

An Alteryx consultant might need to wear many hats. One day you might be deep in pre-sales discussions, and the next, you’re in a complex data integration or running a training session. Each consultant might find their niche or continuously navigate across these areas, but the core skills remain the same: technical expertise, problem-solving, and a keen understanding of how data drives business. 

A pre-sales consultant needs to be a good communicator, as a large part of their job is to explain the benefits of Alteryx in a way that is relevant to each potential customer. 

A development-focused consultant is a problem solver at heart. This person is fully hands-on, usually enjoys the challenge of turning complex data problems into workable solutions, and takes satisfaction in seeing a project through to completion.

An enablement-focused consultant is an educator and facilitator. This individual focuses on empowering users to make the most of Alteryx. A typical day for them might be creating educational materials or leading a training session for a wider audience. 

A managed services consultant is the backbone of ongoing support and system health. The role is to prevent any downtime and ensure the Alteryx platform is always ready to support the business’s data analytics needs.

Beyond Client Engagements

Our work isn’t limited to client-facing tasks. We’re also involved in activities like hosting webinars, writing technical blogs, participating in forums, and speaking at conferences. While generating revenue indirectly, these efforts are essential in building both the consultant’s and the company’s brand and attracting new clients. They help us share our knowledge, stay updated with the latest in the field, and connect with other professionals. 

We also often engage in internal projects to improve our methodologies and tools. This might include developing new Alteryx workflows or templates that can be leveraged in future client projects. We can dedicate time to internal training sessions as learners and instructors.

Another great use of our time is collaborating with Alteryx, providing feedback on the software, and suggesting ideas. This feedback can potentially result in new features and implementations.


Being an Alteryx consultant is about more than just technical skills. Whether it’s through developing custom solutions, enabling teams, or managing complex data environments, it is mainly about recognizing our clients’ necessities, adapting to different scenarios, and always being ready to learn something new. 

It’s a challenging but rewarding career, offering endless opportunities to make a real difference in how companies use data. At phData, we have a team of Alteryx experts with a long track of experience who are ready to help. 

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