April 21, 2022

Introduction to Data Coach

By Data Coach

Education has always been a core component of everything we do at phData. 

From empowering our employees to pursue new certifications and professional development opportunities to sharing best practices and actionable advice with clients — education is widely celebrated and embraced at phData. 

To bring our training and methodology to life in an innovative new format, we launched a training platform called Data Coach that has trained thousands of users in top analytic tools and best practices. 

In this blog, we’ll reintroduce Data Coach and share a few reasons it can genuinely help expand your analytics skills and bring your organization a step (or 3!) closer to extracting more value from its data. 

What is Data Coach?

Data Coach is an online analytics training platform that gives you access to world-class trainers and a cohort of like-minded professionals. 

In addition to our innovative content, you will have access to a dedicated coach to guide you through the learning experience and a cohort of peers learning alongside you. 

Through cohort learning, you can expand your network while learning data and analytics tools with equally motivated peers that start at the same skill level as you. 

Why Create Data Coach?

We created Data Coach because we saw a gap in the market. There are many training options available for data analytics tools, ranging from blog posts to videos to formal courses. The content on these sites is great but is missing one key element: a coach.

Data Coach offers an expert trainer that can answer your questions and work with you to apply your new knowledge to the real world.

Our coaches will help you understand the nuances of our lessons and partner with you to create truly valuable dashboards that will change how you and your team do business. Changing how organizations think about analytics is our purpose, and the dedicated one-on-one time we offer for each cohort is how we get there.

Additionally, we found that other analytics training available out there have one or more major underlying issues:

Lessons are too simple, holding you back from building up to learning the more advanced skills you need to truly boost your career in data. Data Coach content ranges from creating basic bar charts to dealing with more complex topics such as Level of Detail calcs and Set Actions.

Content is too generic, making applying the lesson content to your own field or project work difficult. Data Coach uses content straight from the use cases we have encountered with clients over the years. These cases are realistic and allow users to learn with data they encounter in their day-to-day jobs.

Topics are not hands-on enough, hindering your ability to get in those critical practice “reps” to maximize your learning. Data Coach uses interactive content to drive users to create dashboards for themselves to reinforce the topics being taught.

Lessons lack dedicated support, preventing you from getting the help you need to be successful. Data Coach provides dedicated coaches to help you whenever you might get stuck during a lesson. That live interaction is invaluable when trying to learn an analytics platform for the first time.

Our coaches have seen a plethora of different circumstances throughout their careers that enable them to help you through these real-world scenarios. If we fail to prepare you for the situations you’ll face at your job, we aren’t doing ours.

What's in it For Me?

As an individual in one of our training cohorts, you will gain an in-depth understanding of how to use your analytics platform in a practical way. Our training doesn’t prepare you for the theoretical, we prepare you for the next day at work. 

We’ve seen firsthand the results our training has given trainees through a deeper understanding of analytics. Our content has liberated trainees from the mindless grind of copying and pasting data into massive spreadsheets. 

The practical lessons enable them to design compelling and clear dashboards and analytical products that drive change in their organizations. Not only will you gain proficiency in an analytics tool, you will also understand how to use this tool to change the analytics thought process at your organization. 

This is Great! How Will it Help my Organization?

By enabling users to be self-sufficient in various analytics platforms, your business saves money by cutting out the need for continued training, external consultants, and the costs of a job done poorly. 

Our training content creates analysts and developers who can respond to the changing needs of an organization at the speed of business. We’ve seen how this platform quickly moves them along their analytical journey. The training helps create genuinely data-driven organizations. 

Learn More About Data Coach

If Data Coach has piqued your interest, we highly recommend checking it out by visiting the Data Coach website. 

We look forward to learning more about how we can support you and your team on your analytics journey!

Data Coach is our premium analytics training program with one-on-one coaching from renowned experts.

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