March 3, 2022

How to Start a Career in Analytics

By Autumn Battani

If you’ve ever opened up an analytics job description on LinkedIn, scrolled down to the qualifications section, and were disheartened by reading “5-7 years of experience”, this might be the blog for you as I explore the age-old question of how you get experience in the analytics industry without experience. 

Many of us at phData (including myself) have a non-traditional path to analytics. My background is in human behavior and culture. But after realizing how much data was attached to understanding and navigating those sectors, I pursued a career in elevating those insights from the data. 

This brought me to phData where I now serve as a Principal Consultant that specializes in data visualization and the leadership of our emerging consultant program. 

In this blog, I will cover two things:

  • How to start your analytics journey and make yourself more competitive in the market
  • The wonderful emerging consultants program that we have here at phData

3 Steps to Success In the Data & Analytics Industry

The only thing standing between you and your goals is yourself. If you want it, go after it! Having a role in the analytics industry shouldn’t stop you from getting started.

Getting Started

To start building your analytics experience, I recommend enrolling in an analytics course. This will help better prepare you for what lies ahead as well as communicate to potential employers that you are serious about taking that next step. 

There are several courses and boot camps out there that will bring you closer to your dream analytics role. What we utilize at phData is a platform called Data Coach

Data Coach offers a modern data and analytics learning platform with remarkable technical depth, coaching from internationally-recognized professionals, and capstone projects that solve real industry problems

Build A Portfolio

One of the strongest things that you can bring to an interview is a robust portfolio. Whether that’s a page on Tableau Public or the Alteryx Gallery, providing something tangible for your potential employer to view that shows what you have learned can go a long way.

It does not have to be perfect! The goal isn’t mastery, it’s progress. 

Find Your Community

There’s no shortage of people out there who will help you get to the next step. Find a mentor or sponsor who can give you advice on how to achieve your goals. If you don’t ask, the answer’s always no. Lean on people who are where you want to be or who have paths that resonate with yours. Ask them what traits are differentiators in their field and how they were able to accomplish the things they have. 

LinkedIn is a great place to start! Search analytics job titles that interest you and don’t hesitate to reach out to people who have those jobs. Sending a personalized message asking for some advice is rarely ignored. Who knows, maybe the person you’re reaching out to has some connections that could ultimately land you a job in the data and analytics space.

phData’s Emerging Consultant Program

This program lowers the barrier of entry for people who are interested in breaking into analytics but have little experience. phData is investing in talented and passionate candidates by bringing them onto the team and dedicating time to training them on the top analytics tools in the industry.

After their technical training period, the analysts are placed on client-facing projects with more senior consultants to learn how to implement solutions at an organization using these tools.

How Do I Know If This Program is Right for Me?

We are asking for little to no analytics experience from candidates. What we are looking for is drive, people who are willing to put in the work to learn the trade and then turn around and deploy those best practices on our analytics consulting engagements.

This allows those who are passionate about analytics but are either early in their career or making a transition from a different line of work find meaningful employment in the analytics field. If this sounds like you, we’d love to meet!

How Does It Work?

The first 4-8 weeks are spent utilizing our training tools to upskill in a chosen analytics platform. This time is also spent getting to understand the business and how a data consultant operates day-to-day. 

After this period, the analyst is placed on a project and contributes to the solution delivery under the supervision and advisement of someone tenured on the team. During this time, the analyst still prioritizes learning and upskilling in other tools. This apprenticeship period lasts for the next four months. 

Afterward, the analyst is evaluated for potential promotion to Associate Consultant. The goal is to hire a cohort of analysts each quarter.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, apply here


This is not an experience-based role, this is a passion-based role. We’re hiring across backgrounds and prior disciplines.

Unfortunately we are only hiring remote roles within the US at this time. 

You Got This

I hope this helps as you make the next steps towards your goal of breaking into analytics whether that be applying for our emerging consultant program or signing up for Data Coach. You’re closer than you think you are and I can’t wait to see some of you on our team. 

Data Coach is our premium analytics training program with one-on-one coaching from renowned experts.

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