July 21, 2021

How to Democratize SAP Data with Snowflake

By Keith Smith

Your data scientists’ are wasting up to 80% of their time just collecting and cleaning data, according to CloudFlower (now Figure Eight). And if your data scientists are struggling to pull together usable data at your organization, how are your business users, developers, and executive team faring?

The good news is that you can eliminate and automate that 80% by democratizing your SAP data using the Snowflake Data Cloud. This gives back over 1,500 work hours to your employees every year by making it easier to access and query your data, regardless of where it lives in your organization.

If you’re looking to get started right away, we recommend watching our step-by-step guide to integrate SAP with Snowflake.

Get Your SAP Data into a Democratization Tool

SAP represents the crown jewels of your organization’s data by storing critical business information, including operations, financials, and corporate services. Yet, most analysts and data scientists are locked out, unable to directly access and analyze the data.

By using a data democratization solution like Snowflake for your SAP data, businesses can quickly iterate and build products across all their data and enable every employee to ask questions that were not possible before. The main reason SAP data is so valuable is the potential challenges that can be solved by tapping into the systems it handles. A few examples are:

  • Predictive Maintenance or Recall
  • Regulatory Compliance Tracking
  • Customer Retention or Churn
  • Fraud Management
  • Supply Chain Health

Your SAP data can span across the entirety of your organization, as diagrammed below:

A graphic identifying business processes SAP touches, including HR, Finance, Sales & Distribution, Quality Management, and more.

The more data points you have in SAP, the more teams at your organization will want to access them to make informed business decisions. This can be challenging because accessing this data is one of ITs biggest headaches. There are many reasons this occurs, but the most common reasons are constrained system resources and complicated business logic.

How to Access and Leverage Your SAP Data

Traditionally, SAP data has been accessed via data exports and are generally meant for single-purpose use. phData helps customers better leverage their SAP data by turning these single-use solutions into low impact pipelines into the Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse.

Once this data is in Snowflake, your organization is ready to be data-driven from top to bottom. Your business users can ask questions of their data that they never could before, your managers can pull data to improve their teams’ processes, and executives can have a series of dashboards to understand where the business is at today and how they can build upon past success in the coming years.

And because you’re giving your employees access to digestible data when and where they need it, they will start seeing a decrease in data collection and clean-up times. This means they can spend more of their time working on their most important tasks and making a stronger impact on your bottom line.

How phData Helps Your Data Democratization Strategy

phData makes this possible for your business in a variety of ways. First, we can build your ingestion pipeline from SAP Systems, whether you use ECC, HANA, or BW.

Next, we’re able to tap into different levels of SAP business logic, including database extraction (JDBC or Transaction Log ingest), application-level extraction (IDOCS and RFCP), and operational data extraction (RFC via Odata).

In addition, we will give your organization access to tools that accelerate the Snowflake adoption process and provide a team that monitors, responds to alerts, and triages your data pipelines on a 24×7 basis.

At the end of the day, we’re here to provide expert guidance and help you meet SLAs and security requirements while driving down platform costs.

We are undoubtedly in the golden age of data – the companies thriving in the current climate are the ones making data-driven decisions from top to bottom. This post only scratches the surface of how democratizing your SAP data with Snowflake can impact your business.

For a deeper dive, watch our SAP migration webinar that we presented jointly with Snowflake here or reach out to sales@phdata.io for help walking you through your data democratization strategy.

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