phData Software

Our Software will help you accelerate data platforms, governance, pipelines, and machine learning.

Dependable data products, delivered faster.

As a services company, our software is the formalization of our experience and patterns for customer success. We build software to help our customers deliver stable, productionalized data platforms and data products within weeks, not years.

Cloud Foundation

The foundation you need to succeed with an infrastructure-as-code approach on AWS.


Instantly translate SQL from one language to another, eliminating a usually time-consuming, error-prone, and highly manual process.


Automates the process of onboarding users onto Snowflake, eliminating manual work and speeding up implementation.

phData Cleanroom

Secure and fully-audited mechanism for phData to provision and maintain access to customer environments.


phData PAMS is built on Elastic and provides observability for data products.


Streamliner is a data ingestion machine. When you need to ingest hundreds or thousands of data sources quickly, Streamliner makes it easy.

Cloudera Ansible DevOps Automation

Cloudera Ansible DevOps Automation manages both Cloudera Manager and the operating system from source control.

Cloudera Best Practices Plugin

Advanced operational awareness to improve cluster stability and performance.

Retirement Age

Retirement Age helps you to filter and delete data for liability, governance, or regulatory reasons, such as GDPR.

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