What is Sigma Computing? Everything You Need to Know

Sigma Computing has recently been making waves in the data analytics community for its lightning-fast analytics, collaboration with the Snowflake Data Cloud, and its innovative cloud based spreadsheet-like design. But under the hood, what is this analytics platform truly capable of? Whether you’re just getting started in your analytics journey, interested in switching analytics platforms, […]

6 Things to Know When Considering Sigma Computing

The first step to exploring a new platform is considering your current business opportunities and pain points. Compiling use cases will help identify the common needs of your data, developers, and stakeholders.  A technology-agnostic approach will allow for the focus to be on finding the best tool for your unique needs rather than makeshift repairs.  […]

Helpful Resources for Getting Started with Sigma Computing

New tools can be fun and exciting for people to learn: there are new ways to solve different problems. Sometimes, it can be confusing where to start. Some people learn best through trial and error, reading documentation, or watching demos.  Below we’ve curated a list of the best available resources for learning and unlocking Sigma.  […]

How to Use Conditional Formatting in Sigma Computing

Sigma Computing is a great business intelligence platform that utilizes live connections to cloud data sources, like Snowflake, to bring insights to the forefront of your business. While Sigma can make columnar tables, pivot tables, and various data visualizations with only a few clicks, one thing Sigma really excels at is conditional formatting. Conditional formatting […]

How to Create a Custom Account Type in Sigma Computing

Account provisioning can be a difficult administrative task in various Business Intelligence tools, but in Sigma, it is made simple for an administrator. While Sigma has four default account types (Admin, Creator, Explorer, Viewer), you can also create a completely custom account type for users who may need a particular set of user permissions. What […]

Understanding Sigma Date Filters

As with all systems, Sigma has a specific mindset when applying filters. When learning a new platform, it is important to understand how Sigma thinks about a filtering scenario vs other systems. This is especially important when using date filters. Depending on how you add the filter and how your data element is set up, […]

Account Types in Sigma

Sigma Computing is a business intelligence tool that offers the familiarity of a spreadsheet and modern data visualizations with the benefit of fast, live connections to cloud data sources like the Snowflake Data Cloud. When setting up Sigma for your organization, it’s important to note the different account types offered. What are the Different Default […]

How to Connect to Snowflake in Sigma

When working with a new data visualization or business intelligence tool, one of the most important first steps is connecting to a data source. Whether that is a flat CSV or a live connection to a cloud data warehouse, this can be a confusing task for some platforms. Using Sigma, you can connect to your […]

What is New in Sigma for 2022?

Sigma Computing is a data analytics tool emerging onto the scene with some help from Snowflake. Though Sigma has been around for a few years, they have released some substantial features so far in 2022. In this post, we’ll explore what is new in Sigma for 2022 (so far!) and how we can expect to […]