How to Use the Drill Down Control In Sigma Computing The Drill down control in Sigma Computing is a great tool that takes users from a very general overall view of data, down to a more granular view.  Drill downs offer users the option to dive deeper into the nitty gritty of their data with a simple click of the mouse. Control Elements such […]

How to Make Effective Scatter Charts in Sigma

Like a baseball scout finding a big left-handed reliever with a 100mph fastball and a disappearing sinker, I love looking for outliers in data. Scatter Charts are a great chart type for understanding outliers using multiple performance metrics and Sigma Computing is an ideal platform to visualize them. All-Star players are not the only outliers […]

How to Implement Data Permissions in Sigma Computing

When getting started with Sigma Computing, one of the first and most important things to consider is how to make sure your data is secure. In order to fully take advantage of the many data exploration and visualization techniques it offers, you want to ensure the right people are able to access what they need, […]

How to Implement Row-Level Security in Sigma Computing

Sigma Computing is a robust cloud-based Business Intelligence platform that leverages a spreadsheet-like interface to explore your data at lightning-fast speed. It sits on top of your existing cloud database and uses a secure, live connection to query the data in your warehouse directly, returning your results right to you in your browser. Combined with […]

Three Tips for Using Columns in Sigma Computing

Sigma Computing burst into the analytics world with a goal of improving the spreadsheet everyone knows and loves. Spreadsheets are one of the most fundamental tools in all businesses across industries and sizes. And columns are the driving force behind the functionality. Sigma, combined with Snowflake’s processing speed – businesses can operate even faster. With […]

How to Avoid Common Mistakes Made by Sigma Computing Beginners

As I have used Sigma Computing in my day to day job and created a Data Coach course on it, I’ve realized a few things I wish I knew when I was first starting using Sigma. Sigma is a great analytics platform that leverages live data connections to data platforms like Snowflake, but in this […]

How to Work Collaboratively with Your Team using Sigma Computing

Sigma Computing is a data analytics platform that allows you to connect to your cloud data platform with a live connection to extract the most insights from your data. Using a cloud data platform like Snowflake, you can query tables with billions of rows of data efficiently using Snowflake’s query optimization. One differentiator for Sigma […]

Takeaways from phData and Sigma at Snowflake Summit

Snowflake Summit is the leading cloud data warehousing event of the year and we at phData were so thrilled to be able to attend. Along with our analytics partner Sigma Computing, we had quite the presence. With phData winning Snowflake Americas Partner of the Year, it was a week of nothing but excitement. In this […]

How to Create a Trellis Bar Chart in Sigma Computing

In this tutorial we will discuss how to create an essential data visualization in any analyst’s tool kit: the trellis chart. Before we get started, this tutorial assumes you already have an account with Sigma so head to this website: Free Trial with Sigma Computing to request one if you don’t already have one! We […]

What is a Data Join in Sigma Computing?

Sigma Computing is a data analytics platform that brings a spreadsheet-like interface to cloud data warehouses, such as the Snowflake Data Cloud. Sigma takes advantage of Snowflake’s advanced, optimized query engine to ensure your queries run as fast as possible on millions, hundreds of millions, or even billions of rows of data. If you are […]