Sigma Customer Churn and Cross-Selling Analysis

This dashboard analyzes customer data for trends in churning and opportunities to sell other offerings to help encourage customer retention.

About the Data

This data was originally provided by Kaggle but supplemented manually to add more customers, specific sign-up and churn dates, and reasons for churning. It was uploaded as a CSV and is hosted on Snowflake Data Cloud. The data consists of one row per customer and one column per service indicating if the customer subscribes to that service. There are additional columns listing churn categories and reasons, if applicable.

Who is the Primary Audience?

This dashboard is intended for sales leadership to investigate trends in customer behavior and find opportunities for improvements based on churn reasons and opportunities for cross-selling based on a customer’s subscription.

How could the business benefit from this Workbook?

The Churned Customer Analysis tab informs the business, GlobalCom, of trends and impacts for churned customers. For example, what the monetary impact of churned customers is every month. A Pareto chart helps identify a large percentage of customer churn within the first 6 months of signing up, meaning perhaps the business should offer greater discounts for longer terms, or perhaps this is expected if the business offers a 6-month free trial.

The “why are customers churning” section can help decision-makers understand what churn reasons are within their control or not. For example, the majority of the reasons identified are internal drivers (external being primarily leaving for the competition). This analysis identifies a need for GlobalCom to invest in newer technology and reassess the pricing and fee structure.

The Cross-Selling Opportunities page demonstrates that GlobalCom can increase customer retention by increasing the number of services a customer subscribes to and helps identify what services would be an optimal cross-sell service. The Services Market Basket calculates the count and percentage of customers that subscribe to a certain combination of services, for example, Online Backup & DSL or Streaming TV & Tech Support. 

These same counts and percentages are listed below in tabular form, making it easy to identify Tech Support & Phone Services as the greatest opportunity for cross-selling because it has the lowest percentage of customers subscribing to both.

Lastly, the Customer Search Tab provides a granular list of customers that could be used to identify which customers to target for which cross-selling or promotional offerings.

What are the KPIs in this Workbook?

  • Lost Monthly Revenue

  • Customer Churn Percentage by Tenure

    • What percentage of customers churn broken out by how long they’ve been a customer?

      • For each tenure month, CumulativeSum([Churned Customer Count])/Total([Customer Count])

  • Percentage of Churn Reasons being Internal or External

    • What is the percentage of customers who have churned, grouped by churn reason category?

      • For each churn reason, Sum([Churned Customer Count])/Total([Churned Customer Count])

  • Current Sign-Up vs. Churn Counts

    • A count of new vs. churned customers

    • For each customer type, Count([Customer ID])

  • Average Count of Services

    • Average of the number of services each customer has 

    • Avg([Services Count])

  • Services Overlap and Cross-Sell Opportunities

    • A Count and Percentage of customers that have the two services 

    • Sum([Customer Count]) that have both services/Total([Customer Count])


This dashboard helps demonstrate an example of how organizations can be data-driven by using data to help make decisions. From understanding what investments or changes should be made to reduce churn to pinpoint the most effective cross-selling opportunities, good data analytics unlocks a wealth of opportunities to enhance customer retention.

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