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What is AI Strategy?

As your organization grows, it will produce more and more data.  Just as having an effective data strategy will make sure that information growth can be properly managed, an effective AI strategy will make sure that that information growth translates to business value.  Use your data to:

Without an effective strategy and roadmap, many companies find themselves at a technological dead end: the technologies they initially selected don’t scale or support cutting-edge AI when it is developed.  Bad strategy leads to siloed projects that don’t build upon each other into a comprehensive AI program.

Effective AI strategies are opinionated and actionable. They are based on the real-life experiences of AI practitioners and deliver results.

With a time-tested AI strategy the investments you’re making today will continue to provide value well into the future.

Why should you build an AI strategy?

The progression from descriptive analytics to artificial intelligence.

What is (and is not) covered in an AI Strategy project?

No two companies deal with the same set of challenges, and an “out-of-the-box” AI strategy doesn’t exist. Here are some examples of what is typically covered and not covered.

What is typically covered?

What is typically considered out of scope?

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This can differ from one organization to another, but the essential phases are similar: 

  • Identify target business processes that can be optimized with AI and ML, estimate the business value that can be realized with these improvements, and document a practical vision of the ideal future state
  • Establish practical requirements and create a roadmap for the development of teams and business processes necessary for AI and ML to help achieve this vision
  • Select technologies and tools that align with your organization’s target maturity level for AI and the degree of specialization required
  • Identify “low-hanging fruit” and other initial projects that can quickly return ROI, build momentum, and establish organizational confidence in the AI program
  • Present this plan to senior leadership and other stakeholders, generate interest, and establish buy-in that will be required to establish a successful program

 AI Strategy costs are dependent on where a customer is in their data, analytics, and AI journeys and what their goals are.  Our AI strategy engagements can start at around $40K.

A (very broad) overview of an AI strategy might look like this:

ABC, Inc. is a manufacturer of widgets and would like to establish an AI program that will give them an advantage over their competitors.  After comparing the costs and benefits of different approaches, they’ve determined that the best path for them would be to establish a small pilot team consisting of a single data scientist and two engineers; this team will initially work on order-cancellation risk prediction, preventative maintenance, and schedule optimization.  

ABC, Inc. wants to leverage AI, but they do not want to significantly invest in establishing an AI initiative at first.  By using some off-the-shelf technologies and completing projects that have been valuable for others in their industry, they will quickly deliver business value that can be used to build a business case for and fund future expansion.

After reviewing the detailed plan and projected ROI, senior leadership has confidence in the overall AI strategy and roadmap.  Roadmap execution begins.

How our AI Strategy framework accelerates your project

We focus on efficient decision making and leveraging best practices to guide AI  engagements.  We make recommendations with the intent of showing immediate impact, and create a practical roadmap with achievable goals.

  • Quicker time to value

    Services leverage a library of reference architectures and best practices to set up organization for success in 4-6 weeks. 

  • Investment with immediate impact

    Engagements typically cost between $40K and $100K and you’ll be ready to implement the operating model and establish your AI program.

  • Proven best practices

    Developed through working with the most advanced data and analytics organizations and deploying 1000s of AI use cases.

  • Built by hands-on practitioners

    Because marketing doesn’t always translate to reality, our AI engagements are opinionated and involve Principal Solutions Architects who have worked on dozens of AI platforms and projects.  We’ll build a strategy tailored to your goals and capabilities (and we often help organizations execute on these strategies)

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