Analytics Strategy

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What is Analytics Strategy?

Analytics strategy focuses on building a roadmap that addresses the capabilities that make an organization data-driven including establishing processes, upskilling the right people with the right concepts, establishing data governance best practices, and building an entire community around data.

Managing all of these aspects can be difficult for any organization. Relying on experts who have effectively set up, deployed, and optimized analytics COEs of all sizes will help you realize your goals sooner. 

Why build an Analytics Strategy?

What is (and is not) covered in an Analytics Strategy project?

Our analytics strategy engagements are designed to align your data technology & capability decisions to actionable use cases that drive business value.

What is typically covered?

What is not typically covered?

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Got Analytics Strategy questions? We've got answers.

Our strategy engagements typically take 6 to 8 weeks.

Though reporting and visualization are key components of analytics, we focus on how these reporting technologies fit and interact within the full stack of data technologies in your company. In fact, we have robust data (engineering) and AI/ML strategy offerings as well as hybrid projects across these areas.

Yes! Though technology is important, we also focus on the other pillars that make organizations successful: processes, data governance, tool proficiency, and building a community, which collectively could be called organizational data fluency. 

How our Analytics Strategy framework accelerates your project 

  • Quicker time to value

    Services are focused on driving action around use cases, and generally take 6 to 8 weeks to get a client moving fast in the right direction.

  • Smart investment of resources

    Utilizing a smaller, but more experienced team, our engagements average $60k to $80k compared to the industry average of well over 100K.

  • Built by hands-on technology practitioners

    Our gifted solution architects are not just academic experts, they understand how technologies should be deployed in the “real world” and how infrastructure, people, and process intersect. 

  • Strategy-focused consultants

    We staff expert strategy consultants who help translate vision into requirements by interviewing and surveying stakeholders across your organization. 

  • Learning and education

    Our consultants readily provide coaching and training elements to each engagement that have a tendency of boosting data literacy and buy-in across your enterprise.

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