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Spark Data Engineering

Data engineering services for streaming, batch, and interactive data products with Spark.

Siloed data is value that’s left on the table. But integrating diverse data sources, implementing robust pipelines, and building repeatable workflows — not to mention providing the proactive monitoring and support needed to ensure data quality, reliability, and security — is all easier said than done.

phData is a leading specialist provider of data engineering services for streaming, batch, and machine learning data products with Spark. Whether it’s moving batch and streaming data with Spark in the cloud or on-prem, we put our platform expertise and proven automation to work — so you can deliver stable, scalable data products faster and more cost-effectively.

Spark Data Engineering Offerings

Get the services and expertise you need to succeed with Spark:


Data Modernization

Put your organization on the path to become a truly data-driven enterprise. We help you define your data strategy and implement repeatable processes, like CI/CD and centralized logging and alerting, to deliver successful data products and meet your business goals.

phData Data Engineering

Data Engineering

Put stable data products into production, with services spanning architecture design, data ingestion, and Spark engineering for streaming and batch applications.

Professional Team

Managed Pipelines

Manage and monitor the data products, ensuring they continue delivering accurate intelligence and business value well into the future.

Deliver data products in weeks, not months

Our solutions architects and data engineers — drawing from their experience across hundreds of projects — help you build the infrastructure and software delivery processes you need to successfully deliver data products with Spark.

Delivering faster and scaling farther

Get stable data products into production faster. Our experts bring proven design patterns and automation across data strategy, architecture design, data ingest, and CI/CD — empowering your teams to iterate faster and scale your platform more efficiently.

Genuine experts, genuine results

Whether it’s data ingestion, Spark engineering for streaming and batch workloads, or migrating to the cloud from popular on-prem data platforms, we bring the hands-on experience to identify technical and platform-specific knowledge to get the job done right.

Proven patterns for repeatable success

From data strategy to architecture design to the software development lifecycle, we provide proven frameworks to help ensure your data products are stable, efficient, and scalable from day one.

Managed, monitored data pipelines

Bad pipeline implementation leads to late, missing, and outright incorrect data. We build your pipelines to provide visibility and proactive alerting, with 24x7 intelligent monitoring from our Managed Pipelines team.

Why phData for Data Engineering with Spark?

Depth of expertise over breadth of manpower

Organizations often contract large teams to help their Spark engineering projects, made up of inexperienced technology generalists who — more often than not — wind up self-educating themselves on the job around core technologies and techniques like Databricks, EMR, Delta Lake, and streaming.

phData takes a different approach: a “go-deep” philosophy, which beats “going wide” in every single dimension, including cost. We bring in small teams of veteran solutions architects and data engineers with deep platform-specific expertise, helping you make critical technology decisions and implement data pipelines with Spark-specific best practices in mind — ultimately delivering successful data products in weeks, not years.

Clarity, confidence, and forward thinking

Anyone can build a data pipeline that works once. But creating a workable process for repeatable success is another thing entirely.

Everything we do — from proven process frameworks, automation, and monitored data pipelines, to cookbooks and best practices for testing, data quality, alerting, and CI/CD flows designed to multiply developer productivity — we do with long-term scale, efficiency, and data engineering reliability in mind.

Dedicated support and vigilant security

Our support team is here for you around the clock — monitoring your data pipelines and helping to make sure your business-critical data is there for you when you need it, at the level of quality that you expect.

And with our deep understanding of enterprise-grade security — phData’s security and governance automation and processes are used by the world’s largest companies — we know exactly what it takes to keep your data safe and your business out of the news. Our processes for configuration, upgrades, patching, and maintenance are fully aligned with the most stringent industry standards and best practices.

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Dependable data products, delivered faster.

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