Microsoft Power BI Gold Partner

As a Microsoft Power BI Gold Partner, we bring our in-house expertise to transform your business into a Center of Excellence. We develop data-driven solutions, build cohesive Power BI teams, lead BI migrations, and take your reporting capabilities to the next level.

Having a team of Microsoft Certified Partners allows our team of professionals to convert any of your Power BI problems into solutions. Our experts transform how organizations use their data by building dynamic, user-friendly dashboards, setting up the Power BI Capacity to enable dashboards to be shared at an enterprise level, and embedding solutions into your applications.

Our hands-on approach and years of experience as analysts, developers, and consultants mean that we understand the pain points that organizations encounter. 

Discover the advantage expert Power BI guidance brings to your organization

Having a team of consultants who are experts in the entire Power BI Ecosystem enables you to convert your problems into solutions. A Power BI Expert from PhData can help you build your Community of Practice (CoP), Common Data Models, Fully Customizable Reports, and more. 

Development Services

Design, build, and operationalize dynamic, functional, and effective dashboards and data products across your organization. 

Center of Excellence

Partner with us to build a robust Center of Excellence across organizations by enabling business users, analysts, and executives through training, development, and support.

Migration to Power BI

Migrate your reporting capabilities to Power BI with a set of predefined standards to take your reporting to the next level.

Power BI Premium Capacity Administration

Capture performance metrics, set up governance for your reports, effectively monitor capacity, and properly configure dashboards and reports within workspaces.

Power BI Embedded Services

Enhance your reporting experience by embedding your Power BI reports into your company web applications both internal and external.

Want to learn more? Reach out to speak to a Power BI expert. 

We love our Power BI customers

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Our formula for Power BI success is built on three pillars:

Multi-Tiered Approach

phData leverages a tiered methodology in creating effective and efficient reporting that allows users to drill down, drill through, and explore all the data in a report. We refer to the three tiers as Executive, Driver or Investigational, and Detail views.

Center of Excellence

phData enables all end users to create a Center of Excellence around Power BI to take self-service analytics to the next level. This grows a strong ecosystem for Power BI within the company to reduce the dependency of support from contractors for all requirements leaving the support to focus on more complex problems.


Having a team of Power BI super-users that are there to solve the impossible around the clock. Our team’s extraordinary depth of knowledge enables your “out-of-the box” ideas to come to life.

Our Power BI success stories​:

CPG Enterprise Implements Power BI Premium

Explore how phData guided a major CPG enterprise to improve its reporting capabilities by upgrading to Power BI Premium capacity.

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Turning Traditional Manual Reports into Automated

Explore how a Fortune 500 financial institution faced the same challenge many companies face in 2022: turning traditional, manual reporting into an automated and optimized reporting process using modern BI tools.

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Manufacturer Optimizes Its Business Intelligence

Explore how a major manufacturing company, with a global presence and 40,000 employees, needed a way to optimize and standardize its Business Intelligence via Power BI.

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Meet our Power BI team leader

Spencer Baucke is the Director of Data Visualization and leader of the Microsoft/Power BI practice at phData. He specializes in solution architecture, report development, DAX, data modeling, and Power BI coaching. 

Spencer is passionate about enabling organizations to develop, share, and utilize Power BI reports across their enterprise and he’s worked on Power BI projects at numerous Fortune 500 companies. Spencer is DA-100 exam certified and co-leads the Power BI #WorkoutWednesday community initiative.

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