Managed Data Platforms

We provide the foundation to support thousands of data pipelines, hundreds of machine learning models, and dozens of data products.

The bedrock for machine learning and analytics success

Data products are only as good as the foundation they’re built on: every successful machine learning and analytic process depends on a centralized, hydrated, reliable data platform.

That’s what you get with Managed Data Platforms from phData. Our experts handle infrastructure, cloudops, optimization, availability, data protection, and more — delivering the platform you need to integrate and operationalize all your data — so you can focus on business results.

phData Managed Data Platforms Services

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AWS DataOps Managed Services

Without data, we can’t train models, and you can’t serve users. Cloud DataOps is 24×7 operation and automation for CloudOps, Security, Data Pipelines, and Machine Learning. A Cloud 2.0 approach means we modernize how you build. You’ll iterate faster and deploy more into production.
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Cloudera Managed Services

We’re the largest pure-play provider of administration services for Hadoop, Cloudera, Hortonworks, Kubernetes, and Kafka — delivering 24×7 monitoring, management, enhancements, and system administration for a simple, fixed annual fee.
phData Machine Learning

Managed Machine Learning

Fully managed “assembly lines” will get Machine Learning models trained, deployed, updated, and secured. Using phData-certified software and workflows, new models can be quickly plugged in and deployed.
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Snowflake Managed Pipelines

Get unmatched performance and stability for data movement pipelines. We monitor and support certified data ingestion, movement, and transformation pipelines to ensure data is available, integrated, and verifiable.

A stronger foundation for smarter
data analytics

With phData Managed Data Platforms, you’ll have the foundation to support thousands of data pipelines, hundreds of machine learning models, and dozens of data products.
phData Team Approach

Real experts, real results

Our engineers know modern data technologies, cloud, and distributed systems. We understand how to handle configuration, tuning, patching, and monitoring according to best practices — not from digging through forums, but from hard-won experience.

Cloud Data

Building on the promise of cloud

As a pure-play specialist in the latest cloud-based data platforms — e.g., Cloudera, AWS, Snowflake, and Databricks — we help you realize the massive improvements in scalability and efficiency made possible by cloud.

Budget Friendly Approach

Faster, more cost-effective

Our engineers actually understand cloud, analytics, and ML concepts like IAM policies, wire protocols, distributed processing and debugging, and ML model drift. That means issues will be resolved in a fraction of the time and pain — and often at a lower cost — compared to in-house support.

Infrastructure As Code

Infrastructure-as-code, governed and

We build and automate your infrastructure from our repository of infrastructure-as-code software that's been proven at some of the largest names in healthcare, government, and manufacturing. This ensures your infrastructure is stable and repeatable.

Why phData for Managed Data Platforms?

save up to 0 %
on platform support costs.

Better support at lower costs

Say goodbye to bloated, expensive support teams or understaffed, overworked in-house admins who can’t provide 24×7 support or the level of service needed to support your data products. Our customers typically save 20–35% on platform support costs by relying on our lean, efficient teams of experts — even as they improve quality and stability.

Vigilance around security

In the world of data, small mistakes cost big money. Lack of experience and reliance on highly manual processes are how you accidentally make an S3 bucket public or create an over-permissive role. phData’s security & governance automation and processes are used by the world’s largest companies to keep their data secure and out of the news. We understand enterprise security, process, and change management. Our procedures for security, upgrades, patching, and maintenance are fully integrated with enterprise best practices and standards.

A recipe for data reliability

Monitored, managed pipelines minimize issues with late, missing, or incorrect data. Our proprietary and open source software helps predict user and platform issues, seamlessly rollout capabilities, and quickly onboard new users. Automation provides proactive alerts for when data frameworks are being used improperly or for scenarios likely to cause performance issues.

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Infrastructure-as-code Accelerator

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