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Building cloud infrastructure without an infrastructure-as-code approach is a surefire recipe for consequential errors, extra costs, and slow development cycles — in other words: the exact opposite of what businesses are looking for when they choose to make the jump to the cloud.

But infrastructure-as-code requires a significant upfront investment in developer resources to build out. And unless it’s done properly, the issues that arise — such as unsustainability, drift, or surprise costs due to poor governance — can be even worse.

phData Cloud Foundation

phData has built out a suite of tools and processes to help you succeed on AWS — including our Cloud Foundation library to help you do infrastructure-as-code the right way.

A ready path to infrastructure-as-code

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Execute faster

Our Cloud Foundation Infrastructure-as-Code Library accelerates Cloud projects, with a number of AWS CloudFormation templates which have been successfully used in production for years. This means you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to defining your cloud infrastructure.

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Improve quality

With Cloud Foundation, you’ll notice higher quality and less developer time spent troubleshooting errors. We’ve been building AWS CloudFormation for years; relying on that collective expertise baked into our templates will yield better outcomes than leaning on teams learning on the job.

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Eliminate costs

Cloud Foundation means you will pay less to write AWS CloudFormation code because you don’t have to build your AWS infrastructure from scratch.

Cloud Foundation offerings

Cloud Foundation has two offerings to meet your data product lifecycle needs.

phData Shield

Infrastructure as
Code Library

Prebuilt CloudFormation Templates for AWS EMR, Airflow, AWS Redshift, AWS DMS, Snowflake, Databricks, Cloudera Hadoop, and more.

phData Shield

AWS Cloud Foundation
CI/CD Library

Library for automatic testing and execution of AWS CloudFormation templates along with promotion of changes from development to production environments.

Why Cloud Foundation for AWS?

phData Machine Learning

Prebuilt for machine learning and data analytics

phData Cloud Foundation is dedicated to machine learning and data analytics. It includes prebuilt stacks for all the analytical tools you rely on — including AWS EMR, Airflow, AWS Redshift, AWS DMS, Snowflake, Databricks, Cloudera Hadoop, and more.
Cloud Data

Automated deployment

phData Cloud Foundation includes automated, pull-request-based testing and deployment of new stacks and change-sets to existing stacks. Developer experience is dramatically improved and more efficient because standard git tooling handles cloud deployments.
Audit Logs


Through automated deployment, deployments are also transparent to the organization, providing a much clearer picture of who did what and when — and which changes are most responsible for driving up costs.
phData Team Approach


Governed cloud infrastructure should have standard tags, naming schemes, and approval processes. Cloud Foundation gives you control over deployments and the ability to enforce governance.

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