June 29, 2021

Snowflake Summit 2021 | phData Takeaways

By Blaine Dunham

Snowflake recently hosted its annual Snowflake Summit followed by the Snowflake Partner Summit. phData was honored to be a participant and attendee in both events this year!

Thank You, Snowflake!

At the Snowflake Partner Summit, phData received the 2021 Regional SI Innovation Partner of the Year award. We are elated to have been recognized by the Snowflake Data Cloud for the second year in a row. 

Last summer we were awarded the 2020 Emerging Partner of the Year. We used the momentum from this honor to double down on our business, propelling us to a record year for our partnership despite the global pandemic. This year we look to continue the trend of growth as the world begins to re-open and we get the opportunities to meet our customers and partners in person once again!

Snowpark is Here, What Does That Mean for you?

With the announcement of Snowpark, you can now bring traditional development principles and tools to run natively inside of Snowflake with no overhead to manage. This allows you to interact natively against your data in a serverless fashion while bringing tools like Java and Scala to build applications contained within Snowflake.

To give you a taste of what is possible, our ML team has put together the following blog to provide a deep dive into how Snowpark can propel your company’s machine learning adoption and integration into Snowflake.

Snowpark Accelerated

phData was also honored to be a Snowpark Accelerated participant: In this video our in-house experts Keith Smith and Dr. Robert Coop dive into how Snowpark enables both data engineering as well as machine learning.

New Platform Technical Developments and Releases

Snowflake’s technical team has been busy during this past year despite the pandemic. Thankfully, all their work is to your benefit and it shows with the product updates and announcements. Here are a few of the things we are most excited about and why we think you should be too:

Data Marketplace Enhancements 

    • Sample Access to evaluate Data in the marketplace before you buy.
    • Additional pricing options for data providers:
      • Usage based
      • Fixed price
      • Blended price (fixed price + small usage fee)


We are excited about the programmability that Snowpark brings to the Snowflake platform but this is one part of the puzzle, when combined with the SQL API, Serverless tasks, and enhanced UDFs + stored procedures, it is clear that the foundation to build data products can live inside of Snowflake.

New Security Features 

Row-based access policies, tagging, classification, and anonymous views to help protect private information while still allowing this to scale on a complete data set.

Platform Optimizations 

Continued effort to enhance storage and query performance that benefits all workload types when Snowflake builds optimizations that apply to everything. This can be enhanced by utilizing the Query Acceleration Service to better scale query performance when it is required without user interaction.

What's Next?

Snowflake’s vision is being realized with each iteration of its data platform. We are excited to be on this journey with Snowflake and all of our customers as we look to unlock the next chapter of the data journey.

We expect the Data Marketplace to open possibilities not capable in the past. We strongly believe our customers will realize what it means to have data at their fingertips anywhere in the world. Most importantly, we expect a much-needed return to normal!

New to Snowflake?

Be sure to give our comprehensive getting started with Snowflake guide a read to get the most out of the cloud data platform

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