How to Connect Azure AD SCIM to Snowflake

How to Connect Azure AD SCIM to Snowflake

Azure Active Directory (AD) is a popular identity and access management service provided by Microsoft which works well as a Single Sign On (SSO) for the Snowflake Data Cloud. For those companies that are already using Azure AD for SSO, it is recommended to also utilize System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) protocol integration for […]

Web Traffic Power BI Dashboard Example

Web Traffic Power BI Dashboard Example All businesses have websites that collect web traffic data which, if utilized, can improve content or advise strategy. The homepage provides more of a holistic look at website performance, while the top 10 analysis allows you to explore your website’s successes through identifying the biggest sources of traffic by […]

How to Improve Customer Experience in Call Centers with Data

How to Improve Customer Experience in Call Centers with Data Managing a successful call center in today’s customer-first environment is challenging. Call center leaders are tasked with running an operation that is efficient, customer-centric, and effective, yet they’re constantly getting asked to move fast and do more with less. Being forced to run lean means […]

A Comparison of Clustering Text vs Non-Text Data

Over the last few months I have been focused on doing various flavors of unsupervised learning on text data. I’m eager to share with you some of the fundamental differences that exist between clustering text and non-text data, as well as one major lesson I learned along the way that you won’t want to miss! […]

Databases, Warehouses, Lake, & Marts: Making Sense of Your Viz’s Data Source

A dashboard is only as good as the developer’s understanding and application of the data feeding it. Understanding the granularity, structure, and source of your data is essential in delivering an accurate and meaningful analysis. Although a lot of visualizations on Tableau Public use Excel as their data sources, most dashboards in business use cases […]