Web Traffic Power BI Dashboard Example

All businesses have websites that collect web traffic data which, if utilized, can improve content or advise strategy. The homepage provides more of a holistic look at website performance, while the top 10 analysis allows you to explore your website’s successes through identifying the biggest sources of traffic by webpage, traffic source, and country among other metrics.

Who is This Dashboard For?

This Power BI dashboard is meant for marketing specialists who want to see which web pages, referral sites, and countries are contributing the most web traffic so that they can gain a better understanding of their audience, explore their main KPIs, and gain insight into their successes in order to make data driven decisions on traffic source budgeting, content creation, and more.

What You Can Accomplish With Dashboard


The homepage gives the most high-level look at the data, allowing you to explore the principle marketing KPIs over time while giving the option to filter the data by country, traffic type, and device category using the hamburger button at the top right. The buttons to the left of this icon allow you to switch from total, year-to-date, and month-to-date views of the data. You can switch to one of the top 10 analysis pages by clicking one of the tabs to the left of the report.

Top 10 Analysis

The top 10 analysis pages have a similar layout to the homepage, with the exception that all the data is filtered by the top 10 web pages, referral sites, or countries. Like the homepage, you can switch from total sessions, year-to-date sessions, and month-to-date sessions views of the data, and the top 10 is determined based on this selection. 

These pages allow you to compare marketing KPIs across the top 10 and also see how they change over time. Like the homepage, you can filter all the data by country, traffic type, and device category. You can also dive deeper into the data by selecting a specific webpage, referral site, or country from the table to filter the page further.


We hope you found this report useful in your pursuit to better identify and explore your top sources in web traffic in order to make insightful marketing decisions.

If you have any questions, need help, or are interested in having a team of our Power BI experts build a solution for you, please feel free to reach out or learn more about our Power BI practice.

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