SQLMorph April 2021 Update

For those new to SQLMorph, it is a free-to-use transpiler built to convert SQL statements from source to target.   By using this tool either through the UI or published Python script, it allows you to quickly translate your existing SQL statements into their destination.  This lets you spend more time on complex topics such as […]

Intro to SQLMorph Series

SQLMorph March 2021 updates

Here at phData, we strive to build automation for mundane tasks whenever possible.  This allows us to focus on solving the more complex and challenging problems that our customers face. Over the years, we have built a few different tools (CloudFoundation, Tram, and PAMS to name a few) that increase productivity, security, and development/deployment of […]

SQLMorph – Free SQL Translator to Snowflake

The four phases of our free SQL translation tool, SQLMorph.

Every Computer Science student takes a course on compilers, but it’s rare that you get to build one yourself. Therefore the phData Internal Engineering team jumped at the chance to build a transpiler, a special type of compiler so that our customers and engineers can get out of the business of manual SQL Translation. The […]