phData Toolkit March 2023 Update

phData Toolkit March 2023 Update

Hello and welcome to the next monthly installation of the phData Toolkit blog series!  We’re excited to talk through the changes we’ve brought into the platform and how it has enabled our customers to build data products with confidence.   It’s no secret that seasonal depression is something that impacts us all.  Winter makes it challenging […]

phData Launches the Provision Tool for Automated Snowflake Onboarding

We are thrilled to announce the release of the newest tool in the phData Toolkit, the Provision tool! The Provision tool automates the onboarding of users and projects into the Snowflake Data Cloud, allowing Snowflake customers to focus on solving business problems. A major bottleneck to getting value from a Snowflake Data Cloud environment is […]

phData Toolkit February 2023 Update

phData Toolkit February 2023 Update

Hello and welcome to your regularly scheduled phData Toolkit update!  We hope that you all did something special with a special someone on Valentine’s Day!  We had a lovely Valentine’s Day getting together and spending quality time with customers like you! Did somebody remember to send the flowers? Anybody? In all seriousness, our development team […]

phData Toolkit January 2023 Update

phData Toolkit January 2023 Update

Welcome and Happy New Year to all our readers! phData had an amazing 2022 and we are looking forward to what additional value we can drive for our customers in 2023. We here at phData are taking this time to reflect. phData is Snowflake’s 2022 Partner of the Year award among, many other Snowflake awards […]

phData Toolkit December 2022 Update

Happy holidays and welcome to our December update of the phData Toolkit. We hope you’ve had a fantastic holiday season, filled up on delicious food, and are as excited as us to kick off the 2023 calendar year. The phData Toolkit continues to have additions made to it as we work with customers to accelerate […]

phData Toolkit November 2022 Update

Hello and welcome to our November update of the phData Tookit, built to accelerate your migration, guide you in enforcing your information architecture, and provide auditing capabilities for your data governance practice.   This is a CLI and UI-based set of utilities that we’ve built and iterated on as we’ve performed hundreds of customer migrations.   While […]

phData Toolkit October 2022 Update

Picture this: you’ve decided to move across the country. With that decision made, you have a number of tasks that you need to complete before the date you’ve set for the move. This may include deciding to: Sell your house Buy a new house What to take with vs. leave or sell How you’re going […]

phData Toolkit September 2022 Update

Welcome back to another installment of your favorite monthly blog. The primary objective of this blog is to keep you up-to-date with the latest features and functionality that have been added to the phData Toolkit. For those who are new to the phData Toolkit, this is a set of tools that are free to use […]

Introducing Data Source, phData’s Data Migration Validation Tool

phData is excited to announce the release of the Data Source tool, the first tool of its kind to focus on data migration validation at scale. Data migrations with thousands of tables are now commonplace as users migrate from legacy on-premise databases to low-administration, highly scalable cloud based platforms. Migrating a data platform with thousands […]

phData Toolkit August 2022 Update

Welcome to our August phData Toolkit update! Our wonderful internal engineering team has been hard at work. We’ve been aggregating feedback from you, our clients, and our delivery team to ensure we’re building out new functionality that helps accelerate your data migration project. Over the last month, we’ve been focusing very heavily on enabling more […]