How Snowpark & Hex Supports Data Science

How Snowpark & Hex Supports Data Science

As businesses continue to adopt Machine Learning at a rapid pace, their data scientists need tools that are all about time-to-value. With Hex, it has never been easier to unlock insights from your data. With Snowpark, those insights are efficiently processed and production-ready from day one. In this blog, we will dive deeper into the […]

Performance Benefits of Snowpark for ML Workloads

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As companies continue to adopt machine learning (ML) in their workflows, the demand for scalable and efficient tools has increased. Snowpark, an innovative technology from the Snowflake Data Cloud, promises to meet this demand by allowing data scientists to develop complex data transformation logic using familiar programming languages such as Java, Scala, and Python.  In […]

How to Use Snowpark With Hex For Machine Learning

How to Use Snowpark with Hex for Machine Learning

In recent years, the field of machine learning has been rapidly advancing, and organizations are seeking new ways to gain insights from their data. Snowpark, an open-source project from the Snowflake Data Cloud, enables users to write code in their preferred programming language.  When combined with Hex, a data notebooking platform, Snowpark provides an efficient […]

How to Use dbt With Snowpark Python to Implement Sentiment Analysis

dbt is an exceptional tool to use in combination with the Snowflake Data Cloud to process data. Once data is loaded into Snowflake, it needs to be transformed to make it usable for reporting and analytics purposes. dbt is widely used for performing this type of transformation. As businesses seek to derive greater value from […]

What is Snowpark — and Why Does it Matter? A phData Perspective

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This blog was originally written by Keith Smith and updated for 2023 by Nick Goble & Dominick Rocco.  You’ve probably heard of the Snowflake Data Cloud but did you know that Snowflake also offers a revolutionary feature called Snowpark?  As one of just a few fortunate partners, phData has had early access to Snowpark since […]

CPG Forecasting on Snowflake with Snowpark for Python

Forecasting, whether it’s sales, demand, supply, or transportation, is a business planning method that helps analysts and planners better anticipate what is going to happen in their business.  Depending on the complexity of your business operations, legacy forecasting can be within a handful of spreadsheets, in an ERP planning software (like SAP APO), or as […]

How to Use UDFs in Snowpark for Python

Snowpark enables developers to deploy machine learning in a serverless manner to the Snowflake Data Cloud’s virtual warehouse compute engine.  In this blog, we’ll introduce an incredibly flexible and powerful part of Snowpark that allows developers to create Python functions with their favorite packages and apply them to rows or batches of rows. These functions […]

How to Train ML Models Using Snowpark for Python

At the 2022 Snowflake Summit, Snowpark for Python was officially released to the public. For those unfamiliar with Snowpark, it enables developers to deploy machine learning in a serverless manner to Snowflake’s virtual warehouse compute engine.  As an Elite Snowflake partner, our machine learning team got early access to this feature and has since spent […]

Python for Snowpark Overview

At phData, we have worked quite a bit with Snowpark since it has become available from the Snowflake Data Cloud. Historically, Snowpark has been based on Scala and Java and these languages had to be used when building data transformations or data applications. At the 2022 Snowflake Summit, Snowflake announced that Python is now supported […]

Snowpark Performance Best Practices

Snowpark is a powerful programming abstraction that will run data pipelines or applications inside the Snowflake Data Cloud without moving the data to another product. Snowpark makes it easy to convert code into SQL commands that are executed on Snowflake. This makes creating data transformations and applications easier on Snowflake. Because Snowflake is a SaaS […]