June 27, 2023

Running the Advisor Tool Natively on Snowpark Container Services

By Grant Henke

Last week we announced the launch of the Advisor Tool, the latest addition of powerful tools in the phData Toolkit to enhance your usage of the Snowflake data platform. 

Today, we’re thrilled to be a part of the Snowflake Data Cloud’s announcement of its newest release, Snowpark Container Services.  As of the public announcement today at Snowflake Summit 2023, a private preview implementation of the Advisor Tool running natively on Snowflake is now available. 

In this blog, we’ll explore how to phData’s Advisor Tool runs natively on Snowpark Container Services.

What is the Advisor Tool?

With the Advisor tool, you can quickly and easily identify opportunities to improve the configuration, security, performance, and efficiency of your Snowflake environment. We have worked closely with our Snowflake data and operations experts to ensure that our Snowflake Advisor delivers actionable recommendations based on best practices and phData’s vast real-world experience on the Snowflake Platform.

What is Snowpark Container Services?

Snowpark Container Services can be used as part of a Snowflake Native App to enable developers to distribute sophisticated apps that run entirely in their end-customer’s Snowflake account. For Snowflake consumers, this means they can securely install and run cutting-edge products inside their Snowflake account in a way that protects the provider’s proprietary IP.

Additionally, Snowpark Container Services simplifies native Snowflake application development through simpler infrastructure, centralized governance, and support for virtually all development tools, languages & frameworks.

Why is Running on Snowpark Container Services Important?

The phData Toolkit and the Advisor tool are critical accelerators for our customer’s Snowflake platform success. Like any Snowflake application, our ability to run our tools in our customer’s Snowflake account natively means that we can simplify any manual setup steps, eliminate the need for any resources or hardware external to Snowflake, and further protect customer IP by running everything directly in their account. 

This means we can deliver the value of our tools and start solving customer challenges with zero delays.

phData is excited to continue our history of being the foremost experts on Snowflake’s Snowpark developer framework. Contact us today to learn more about Snowpark and the Advisor Tool. 

If you are at Snowflake Summit 2023, stop by booth 1530 to visit with our experts and get a deeper look with a short demo. Lastly, be sure to follow along with us on LinkedIn to see more exciting updates!

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