Changing Spatial Projections in Alteryx & Tableau

I think it is safe to say that most people are familiar with maps. Today, with a smart phone in nearly everybody’s pocket, the use of GPS tools like Google Maps or Apple Maps is ubiquitous. We use these tools for navigation, finding a new restaurant, searching for a new home, and so much more. […]

So You Want to Build Alteryx Macros (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of a four-part series covering macros in Alteryx. In this post, I’ll walk you through how to build a standard macro in Alteryx. In a previous job, I regularly received Excel reports that I had to clean, pivot, and ready for further analysis or visualization. We did not have nice tools like Alteryx […]

Alteryx 2021.1 – What’s New?

In this post, we’ll examine some of our favorite features that in the newest release of Alteryx – let’s get into it! Power to the Process in 2021.1 We have our first NEW release of Alteryx in 2021, and everyone at phData (ok, mostly us in Data Processing capability) have been waiting for this. So what […]

Mastering the Network Analysis Tool in Alteryx

Alteryx comes packaged with lots of tools. Although there are over 200 tools to choose from, most users will never need to wander far from the standards: Select, Formula, Join, Summarize, and friends. The great thing about those 200+ tools that Alteryx gives us is that when we do need a specialized tool, it is likely that we have it. Case-in-point: the Network […]

How to Determine the Best Regression Model: 4 Tools in Alteryx

As a data and analytics consultant, I interact with clients from a wide array of backgrounds. Some are highly technical while others wouldn’t know a normal distribution if it bit them on the nose. This is often a good thing in practice, as diverse teams can return more creative ideas than a team that consists […]

The Top 5 Best Alteryx Predictive Tools

Whether you’re combining data sets, cleaning a nasty spreadsheet, or constructing a sophisticated predictive model, Alteryx has great tools to help you out. But with so many options, new or inexperienced users can feel easily overwhelmed. Luckily, this article will outline the top five most helpful predictive analytics tools in Alteryx. It is one thing […]

Alteryx Server Governance: How to Flag and Access Ready to Migrate Workflows

Alteryx Server is a fantastic way to automate Alteryx workflows and collaborate with others. Many organizations choose to do production and pre-production environments of the server, which means a question we often get is how to manage migrating content from one server to another. While manually republishing a workflow between a pre-prod and prod environment […]

Alteryx Server 101: Organizing Content in the Alteryx Gallery

Just got Alteryx Server at your organization? Get ready for some serious time saving when you automate your work! Server is a fantastic product, but the Gallery has a whole language of its own when it comes to ways to publish and organize your flows. In this post, we’ll break down all of those components […]