Data quality, data profiling, and cost/usage analysis for Snowflake.  Automatically. For free.

DataRovr is an open-source project intended to serve as a tutorial for learning Snowpark and understanding the power it provides.

With the addition of Snowpark, Snowflake now supports advanced analysis, machine learning, and even MLOps.  DataRovr uses this to profile data stored within Snowflake (including cost & usage data).

DataRovr also helps control Snowflake costs, profile data, identify anomalies, and potential errors — all while monitoring incoming data for possible quality issues.

Know what’s driving costs and learn what’s in your data

Analysis for usage

DataRovr profiles data.  Snowflake provides usage data.

By applying DataRovr’s profiling capabilities to the usage tracking provided by Snowflake, you can identify unusual spending patterns and know what’s driving costs.

Analysis for quality

By automating the profiling process, DataRovr makes it easy to understand what’s in your data.

Data profiles can be used to identify potential data quality issues, missing data, and allows you to confirm the data you believe is in Snowflake is actually there.

Analysis for peace-of-mind

DataRovr examines data as it arrives. Using DataRovr’s profile of the data, outliers and potential errors can be identified before they cause major problems.

DataRovr Features

  • Identify spending patterns

  • Locate potential data quality issues

  • Better understand your data

  • Do it all automatically and for free with open-source software you can trust

Understand your Snowflake usage and data.  Learn how to use Snowpark to power big data analysis on Snowflake.

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