July 14, 2023

Understanding AdTech Data and How Snowflake Can Help

By Nabila Mohamed

Brand advertisers, advertising agencies, marketing agencies, and advertising technology companies are rapidly adapting to a changing digital media landscape. The media industry is facing greater scrutiny in terms of regulations and privacy concerns. Both consumers and regulators are demanding transparency regarding the data that is collected and how it is utilized. 

As a result, companies are eliminating traditional practices like third-party cookies and app tracking while exploring new avenues such as data clean rooms.

Given these trends, advertisers need to rethink their strategies for presenting content and consider the ways and places in which they engage with their audience. Providing personalized content on the consumer’s terms is crucial, but achieving this requires advertisers to gain a deep understanding of consumer behaviors. 

However, the data that can shed light on these insights are often fragmented across various platforms and services, posing challenges in creating comprehensive customer profiles. 

In this blog, I’ll briefly overview the Adtech industry, how the Snowflake Data Cloud fits into it, and showcase Adteck companies already making use of it.

What is Adtech?

Adtech is a rapidly growing industry that is transforming the way businesses interact with their customers. Adtech is using technology to create and deliver targeted advertising to consumers and measure digital advertising campaigns. It includes the use of data, analytics, and automation to deliver ads to the right people at the right time. 

Adtech has become increasingly important for businesses to better understand their customers’ needs and preferences and tailor their campaigns to better meet those needs, allowing them to reach their target audiences more effectively and efficiently.

What is Snowflake?

Snowflake Data Cloud is a cloud-based data platform that enables marketers to store, manage, and analyze their data in a secure and cost-effective way. 

Snowflake provides a unified platform for data storage, analytics, and machine learning, allowing marketers to gain insights into their customers and optimize their campaigns. With Snowflake, advertisers can enhance their ad effectiveness and demonstrate the return on investment from their marketing endeavors.

Why is AdTech Important?

According to a recent survey, 71% of consumers preferred ads customized to align with their individual interests and shopping behaviors.

Achieving this level of personalization necessitates a thorough examination and analysis of customer data. To deliver an exceptional and secure consumer experience, advertisers must possess cutting-edge data capabilities. 

These capabilities empower advertisers to curate personalized offerings that align perfectly with individual preferences while simultaneously ensuring the security and compliance of customer data.

AdTech Platforms can create a seamless and delightful experience that prioritizes data privacy and regulatory requirements by harnessing state-of-the-art data management techniques.

Figure 1: Snowflake Media Data Cloud enables businesses to dynamically share, join and analyze collaborative data for identity, audience insights, targeting, activation, and measurement.

AdTech's Ultimate Solution: Snowflake

Given the vast amount of marketing data accumulated in terabytes, leveraging and capitalizing on it becomes essential. That’s specifically why Adtech and Snowflake form a perfect synergy.

Snowflake provides a secure and cost-effective platform for data storage, analytics, and machine learning. You can store and access your structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data in one location and gain seamless access to external data with similar scale and speed. 

Snowflake’s cloud-based data warehouse can be used to store and query large amounts of data from multiple sources, such as ad networks, DSPs, and SSPs. This data can then be used to gain insights into user behavior, optimize campaigns, and measure performance.

Snowflake can help marketers gain insights into their customers and optimize their campaigns. Snowflake’s analytics capabilities can be used to create custom reports and dashboards that provide a comprehensive view of ad performance.

Snowflake’s Data Cloud revolutionizes data management by eliminating data silos and consolidating all your data into a unified repository. This unified approach empowers marketing teams to extract valuable insights, enabling them to deliver personalized and timely customer messaging and offers consistently. 

By leveraging Snowflake for Marketing Analytics, businesses can achieve a comprehensive and holistic 360-degree view of their customers, enhancing personalization efforts and ultimately driving a higher return on investment (ROI). 

In addition to internal attribution data, Snowflake facilitates secure data sharing across departments, geographies, and partner ecosystems. Furthermore, businesses can access third-party data augmentation through the Snowflake Marketplace, expanding their data resources and enhancing their marketing capabilities.

The Data Cloud serves as a trusted and dependable platform for organizations to collaborate on their most critical workloads. It facilitates seamless data sharing and access within the organization across different business units, as well as with partners, suppliers, and customers.

Additionally, it allows organizations to securely retrieve and share regulated data, tools, applications, and other technologies while maintaining privacy. 

Snowflake incorporates robust security and governance features, such as end-to-end data encryption during transit and at rest, ensuring the utmost safety and protection of data.

By leveraging the Data Cloud, organizations gain access to a vast network of Data Cloud customers and Snowflake Marketplace providers, opening up a realm of possibilities to drive their business forward.

Campaign Optimization

The Trade Desk is a technology firm that empowers ad buyers to efficiently create, manage, and enhance digital advertising campaigns across various formats and devices. Through collaboration with the Media Data Cloud, The Trade Desk provides its customers with secure access to their data at a granular level during campaign execution. 

This comprehensive cross-channel data, collected at the event level, enables marketing campaign managers, ad buyers, and marketing analytics teams to perform thorough funnel attribution analysis and enhance data insights. An additional advantage of this advanced analytics environment is that it centralizes all the data in one place, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

Clean Rooms: Attribution in a Cookieless World

In today’s landscape, there is increasing pressure to accurately measure the impact of your marketing campaigns.

However, the deprecation of third-party cookies necessitates the development of a new approach to securely share data among brands, agencies, and publishers. 

Zeta Global, a leading marketing technology provider, combines a vast consumer data repository with AI to uncover valuable consumer insights such as identity, intent, and context. Their Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP) offers a unified view of customers and prospects, enriched with Zeta’s unique consumer insights. 

By leveraging Snowflake’s data-sharing capabilities, Zeta enables collaborative data analysis without physically moving or duplicating data. This secure data sharing, combined with the ZMP, empowers joint customers to access high-quality business intelligence and analytics, ultimately delivering enhanced marketing experiences.

Open New Channels for Data Monetization

OpenX is an advertising technology company specializing in programmatic advertising. Recently, they introduced a solution called the Bidding Intelligence Data Set (BIDS) to provide marketers and agencies with greater transparency into their programmatic media purchases. 

By partnering with Snowflake, OpenX enables buyers to effortlessly and securely access detailed data on auction participation and bid performance through the Snowflake Marketplace. This wealth of data offers valuable insights to businesses without requiring extensive developer resources. 

Marketers can conveniently leverage OpenX’s BIDS to analyze performance and outcomes. The BIDS data is readily accessible within a customer’s Snowflake account, making it a user-friendly and actionable resource.

Deliver Apps and Innovation to Customers

Companies can expedite their time to market, enhance the customer experience, and boost operational efficiency through the Powered by Snowflake program. As part of this initiative, VideoAmp, a Snowflake partner, is building a sophisticated multi-party data-sharing ecosystem leveraging Snowflake’s cloud infrastructure. 

This integration empowers VideoAmp to offer an end-to-end workflow that expands upon its existing suite of planning, measurement, activation, attribution, and optimization tools for its brand, agency, and network clients.

By partnering with Snowflake, VideoAmp provides clients and publisher partners with a secure method to extract insights and analyze data. 

The initial application of this measurement partnership enables multiple publishers and platforms to share their data in a privacy-first and secure manner, establishing clear parameters for data usage from the outset. 

The combination of publisher and platform data with VideoAmp’s proprietary commingled TV data set and a client’s first- and third-party data within the Snowflake platform and native cloud environment offers comprehensive and holistic insights into cross-screen media transactions for advertisers and publishers.


Advertisers are searching for new ways to adapt to the conditions of a fast-changing and highly regulated media landscape. With the Snowflake Media Data Cloud, organizations now have the depth of insight, analytical power, and collaborative tools needed to turn the challenge of a rapidly changing ecosystem into a true business opportunity. 

With the advantage of Snowflake’s powerful core platform capabilities, brand advertisers, advertising agencies, and AdTech platforms can focus on delighting audiences and maximizing ROI while maintaining strict levels of data security and governance and enabling compliance with evolving privacy requirements.

It is crucial to have a secure and reliable infrastructure that can handle the complexities of modern marketing. Snowflake’s advanced technology and strong data-sharing capabilities provide the perfect foundation for any advertising company.

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