September 30, 2020

phData Achieves Advanced Tier AWS Partner Status

By phData Marketing

Did you know that phData has achieved AWS Advanced Tier partner status by focusing on customers to accelerate their data analytics and machine learning capabilities?

Did you know that phData has achieved AWS Advanced Tier partner status by focusing on customers to accelerate their data analytics and machine learning capabilities?

This year, we’ve been working diligently to further our partnership with AWS and demonstrate our technical skills to elevate our customers’ businesses on the AWS platform. We’re proud to announce we’ve achieved Advanced Tier status within the AWS partner network and we’re not done!

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner phData

We’ve seen our customers unlock enormous business value by building data products on AWS. Because of this, we wanted to highlight a few key points and learnings that have helped us and our customers achieve success on this amazing platform.

Focus on Data Engineering and Machine Learning

Customers who leverage AWS services for data engineering and machine learning have been able to build and deploy data products faster and get their models into production more efficiently. This means AWS customers can:

  1. Break down data silos to make more informed business decisions
  2. Create stable, scalable, and cost-effective solutions
  3. Deliver data products in weeks, not months

phData strives to minimize the risk and maximize the performance of the services. To that end, we chose to become experts in Redshift, EMR, Glue and other data services instead of only gaining surface-level knowledge on the hundreds of other offerings to become a general practitioner of AWS. This, coupled with data-focused tools such as Airflow, allows us to accelerate the delivery of data engineering and machine learning projects for our customers.

Migrating Data Products to AWS

There are huge benefits to migrating from on-premises platforms to a cloud-native approach to data engineering with technologies that are built for the cloud. For instance, leveraging AWS enables you to:

  • Increase automation: Automation ensures consistent results, which reduces errors and boosts confidence in AWS
  • Scale your business: AWS enables you to scale up and down as needed without long install, configuration, and upgrade cycles
  • Lower costs: Automation, scale, and the myriad other benefits of AWS allow you to lower your costs and give your team more time to focus on their most pressing work

However, migration can be an overwhelming challenge if you’re lacking a well thought-out plan. We have a passion for helping organizations move away from on-premises platforms and are available to share the lessons learned from migrating 40+ customers to cloud-native platforms.

Feel free to reach out to for additional resources that can help you kick-start your cloud migration.

Automating Infrastructure and Data CI/CD

Automation is a key to building data products faster in the cloud. Developing repeatable patterns that represent consistent architectures in AWS has drastically reduced our customers’ time-to-market for their data products.

Because consistency with infrastructure has simplified long-term maintenance of data projects, we created Cloud Foundation. This is a library of automation templates that can be deployed for quick access to the common infrastructure required for data engineering initiatives such as Airflow for data workflows.

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