October 16, 2023

phData Awarded dbt Labs’ 2023 Partner of the Year

By Mitch Rudolph

At phData, we genuinely love helping clients succeed with dbt and invest heavily in training our team to be the best in the world at wielding the power of the platform. 

Thanks to our team’s hard work and success with dbt, we achieved something remarkable: being named the dbt Labs’ 2023 Services Partner of the Year.

This award brings so much joy, admiration, and fulfillment to our team, who has dedicated hundreds of hours to learning, implementing, training, and succeeding with dbt. 

In this blog, we’ll cover what winning this award means for our organization, how we achieved it, and more! 

A picture of several folks from phData, including our CEO Ryan Bosshart, with a few members from the dbt team posing in front of a badge that says, "dbt Labs' Partner of the Year

How did phData win dbt Labs' Partner of the Year?

Winning dbt Partner of the Year is a notable achievement and one that was earned by every one of our delivery members as they worked hard to drive the success of our customers. 

We all work together to ensure every customer receives the best implementation, support, and development of their Modern Data Stack. This allows us to work towards our goal of doing our absolute best to ensure our joint customers achieve success with dbt.

Naturally, doing our best possible work at every engagement has drawn some attention from the dbt community, but there were several other factors that we believed helped phData win dbt Partner of the Year.

dbt Resources

One element that has been instrumental in securing this award is phData’s substantial contributions to the dbt community. Over the last two years, phData has created leading-edge content that enables others to use dbt effectively and efficiently. 

Below are five of our most popular dbt resources:

  1. Is dbt a Good Tool for Implementing Data Models?
  2. Data Vault Modeling in Snowflake Using dbt Vault
  3. Reducing the Time to Value of your dbt Deployment with SlimCI
  4. How to use dbt with Snowpark Python to Implement Sentiment Analysis
  5. How to Talk to Your Data with ChatGPT, Snowflake, & dbt

Customer Success

We genuinely love watching our clients succeed. We’re constantly diving into our customer’s challenges and finding innovative ways to help solve their problems with custom solutions, often enabled by the transformations performed by dbt. Throughout our work, phData has boasted a 98 percent average renewal rate for phData Elastic Operations, DataOps, and MLOps. 

To give you a taste of some of the challenges we’ve helped our customers solve with dbt, check out a few of our recent case studies:

  1. B2B Software Company Modernizes Data Stack by Implementing Snowflake, Airflow, and dbt
  2. Celebrated SaaS Provider for the Trade Industry Uses dbt to Standardize Metrics & Centralize KPI Reporting
  3. Major Regional Bank Modernizes Its Data-Driven Decision-Making With Snowflake

Thought Leadership & Community Involvement

Our team members don’t just write content; they get involved in the community and help others. This takes many forms, including helping answer questions on the dbt Community Slack, presenting at dbt Coalesce, responding to dbt technical questions on Reddit, and much more!

We’re also pretty candid and open to sharing our failures and lessons learned to help foster a community of growth.

A picture of Dakota Kelley and Cory Koster from phData presenting at dbt Coalesce 2022.

Throughout our time building and nurturing a community of dbt learners, two of our team members were awarded dbt Community Spotlight positions. This was a huge honor for our team, especially since only 10 spots are available worldwide. 

Coincidently, their names are Dakota and Bruno (db); now we just need Thales, (another one of our dbt experts), and we’ll have the full dbt team.

What Does This Award Mean for phData?

This prestigious award affirms all of the hard work, dedication, grit, and collaboration we’ve invested in our customers and partners at dbt. We are incredibly pleased with the exceptional results and speed dbt provides to our clients, and it’s an honor to be chosen as the 2023 dbt Labs’ Services Partner of the Year.

We couldn’t possibly accept this award without expressing our gratitude to our customers, whose ongoing support and trust in phData have empowered us to help them construct a data-centric future collaboratively.

How Does phData Help Businesses Succeed with dbt?

Recognized as a Premier Consulting Partner of dbt Labs, phData ensures the success of our client’s digital transformation projects by leveraging the full potential of dbt capabilities. dbt allows data transformations to be modular, testable, and well-documented, and at phData, we leverage it to deliver rapid, high-quality, and cost-efficient solutions with accurate and accessible data for data-driven decisions. 

Here’s a closer look at how we do it:

Data Strategy: Our team identifies the best-suited technology stack for each client, creating an actionable data strategy roadmap. This roadmap entails everything from development to deployment of data models, including governance, data lineage, and all the cutting-edge data best practices.

Data Migrations: Data migrations are one of the most complex challenges for businesses looking to modernize their data. phData has leading experience with migrations from and to diverse systems, and dbt makes this whole process much easier. dbt has modularity and SQL-focused transformation that makes the logic easy to translate, the tests ensure the data is accurate, and documentation and modularity smooth the maintenance.

Analytics Engineering: Our experienced analytics engineers employ dbt models to pull out new business insights and automate existing reports. They know with precision what packages to use, which tests to configure, and which metrics to deploy, making your success certain.

Best Practices: We want our clients to own their data and to take care of it. So, as we help them develop and deploy their data models, we are constantly developing playbooks, guides, and documentation so they can easily follow dbt best practices.

dbt Experts: We have the best dbt team! Our experts have extensive dbt knowledge, lead speaking sessions, produce stellar content, and have been recognized with several dbt awards.

At phData, we’re not just providing a service; we’re ushering in a transformation. With dbt as our trusted tool, we’re set on driving businesses to their data-driven success.

Dakota Kelley mans the phData booth at the 2023 dbt coalesce conference

What’s Next for phData and dbt?

Here at phData, our goal is to be the world leader in delivering data services and products on a modern data platform using best-of-breed technology. To support our mission, we will continue to leverage the best tools to help our customers solve real business problems while driving value and insights—all while working closely with our partners, such as dbt, on new capabilities and features that drive customer success.

On top of this, one of our core values is community. We are all better as a team. This allows us to bring differing perspectives and experiences, which we can share across the dbt community. 


We are so fortunate to have the dream team of dbt experts at phData, and we’re incredibly honored to now have the official street cred of being dbt Labs’ Partner of the Year.

On behalf of the entire dbt team at phData, thank you so much to our partners at dbt, customers, and the broader dbt community for believing in us and trusting us to deliver dbt success story after success story.

If dbt has been on your radar, we’d love to discuss how this platform can become a powerful transformation tool for your organization.

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