May 25, 2023

How Fivetran and Snowflake Optimize Supply Chain Operations

By Sunny Yan

In the modern digital-industrial world, manufacturing companies generate vast quantities of data on a daily basis, encompassing logistics records, inventory information, supplier data and more. 

To effectively leverage this data to extract valuable insights and optimize operations, supply chain organizations require robust solutions to effectively manage, wrangle and store this high-volume of data. 

That’s where Fivetran and the Snowflake Data Cloud can assist. 

The combination of these two platforms provide supply chain organizations with the data capabilities needed to allow them to harness the full potential of their data.

In this blog, we will explore a few use cases of how manufacturing companies can use Fivetran and Snowflake to improve operational efficiency, reduce risks and costs, and drive innovation.

What Are Fivetran & Snowflake?


Fivetran is an automated data integration platform that offers a convenient solution for businesses to consolidate and sync data from disparate data sources. With over 160 data connectors available, Fivetran makes it easy to move supply chain data across any cloud data platform in the market.


Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing platform that offers scalable storage and compute resources for efficient data management. The platform utilizes a unique architecture separating compute and storage, allowing organizations to independently scale resources and achieve high-performance analytics while simplifying data sharing and collaboration. 

Snowflake has also recently introduced the Manufacturing Data Cloud specifically designed to provide a data foundation for manufacturing companies. The Manufacturing Data Cloud provides pre-built solutions and industry datasets that support a diverse set of use cases to ensure that businesses have all they need to start leveraging their data to improve supply chain performance, product quality and factory efficiency. 

Fivetran & Snowflake Use Cases for Supply Chain Operations

The combined power of Fivetran’s seamless data integration and Snowflake’s scalable cloud data platform is revolutionizing supply chain operations, from inventory management to logistics, procurement, and beyond. Whether you’re a supply chain veteran or a newcomer, the examples we’re about to explore will illustrate the transformative potential of these advanced data platforms in today’s complex, data-driven supply chain landscape.

Break Down Data Silos and Create a Single Source of Truth for Data

One of the biggest challenges for supply chain organizations is that their data comes from a wide variety of sources. With the advent of IoT devices in the manufacturing industry, supply chain data is as diverse and complex as it’s ever been. 

With all of this new data, it is stored in many different sources and supply chain professionals often find themselves with no efficient way to bring all of the sources together into one single destination. 

Fivetran has connectors for all the common supply chain datasources, allowing users to easily set up automated pipelines for all their sources and land them in a single cloud-based source destination to use to analyze their data.

Snowflake is an ideal source destination because of its scalability and ease of secure data sharing across multiple third-party organizations.

For a real-life example of how a global manufacturer leveraged Snowflake to enable frictionless data sharing with its third-party vendors, check out this case study!

Increase Speed of Insights With Faster Data Movement

Supply chain organizations often struggle with making effective use of their data due to poor system architecture, which results in significant data lag; this lag creates bottlenecks for decision making. 

Fivetran enables businesses to replicate large volumes of ERP data within complex IT landscapes with minimal source impact. The Fivetran platform is highly efficient at capturing changed data with low latency to source destinations. These features enable businesses to leverage their data for near real-time insights. 

Enhance Supply Chain Performance

Once all the data is stored in a single destination (Snowflake), companies can begin the process of using the data productively. Snowflake’s ability to share data across an organization allows cross-functional data teams to collaborate on the same data. 

This combined with SQL and Snowpark (Snowflake’s developer framework for Python, Java and Scala) enables developers to build AI and machine learning models to forecast demand and spend analytics. Data Analysts can also use this data to create BI reports that analyze data and identify trends that can improve supply chain processes. 

Ensure your Data is Secure

Securing supply chain data is critical for manufacturing companies, given the potentially sensitive nature of the information and the severe consequences that could arise from data breaches. Maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of data such as logistics records, inventory information, and supplier details is crucial to ensure smooth operations, protect business interests, and comply with regulatory requirements. 

Fivetran and Snowflake are at the forefront of keeping data secure. Both platforms offer end-to-end data protection. Fivetran encrypts data in transit and at rest, and also provides data purging mechanisms once the data is safely written to the Snowflake. They also incorporate privacy-centric features like column masking that block or hash Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive data. 

Through a combination of efficient data management and stringent security measures, Fivetran and Snowflake empower businesses to harness the full potential of their data, while ensuring its utmost security.


In the digitized world of modern manufacturing, the sheer volume and complexity of data can pose significant challenges. Supply chain organizations need to break down data silos, move data quickly, and mitigate the impact of poor system architecture causing data lag. 

The combined power of Fivetran and Snowflake presents an elegant solution to these challenges. 

Fivetran’s ability to effortlessly sync data from various sources into a single destination, coupled with Snowflake’s scalable, high-performance data warehousing capabilities, empowers organizations to extract maximum value from their data. 

With the ability to quickly generate and apply insights, supply chain organizations can reduce risks, cut costs, and drive innovation. Efficient supply chain management requires reliable data strategies, and that is achievable with the powerful duo of Fivetran and Snowflake.

If you’re curious about leveraging the power of these platforms, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re happy to answer any questions, offer advice, and team-up to help your business make more data-driven decisions with Fivetran & Snowflake! We also invite you to explore our custom solutions just for the manufacturing industry.

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