Tableau Premier Services Partner

As a Tableau Premier Services Partner, we have the expertise to develop data-driven analytics, guide systems integration, and provide best-in-class Tableau training.

With our experienced team of Zen Masters, analysts, developers, and Tableau-specific consultants, we genuinely know the ins and outs of Tableau.

Whether you need help building dynamic, user-friendly dashboards to deploying Tableau Server and integrating it with your existing databases, we can bring your most ambitious Tableau aspirations to life.

Discover the advantage expert Tableau guidance brings to your organization

Development Services

Design, build, and operationalize dynamic, functional, and effective dashboards and data products across your organization.

Build Data Culture

Build a robust data culture across your organization by letting our experts guide your business users, analysts and executives through training, development, and support.

Migration to Tableau

Modernize your analytics platform with templated migrations that eliminate mistakes and minimize costs when moving to Tableau.

Tableau Server Administration

Deploy and maintain a governed Tableau Server instance to optimize performance and value from the platform.

Tableau CRM

Build and embed interactive visualizations and AI-driven analytics directly in your Salesforce account.

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We love our Tableau customers

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Our formula for Tableau Desktop and Server success is built on three pillars:


Expert Tableau dashboard designers, server admins, and data engineers backed with 24×7 real-time support.


Templates and branded dashboards with thorough documentation means you can continue to build your data assets on your own.

Data Culture

Support, training, and enablement for your team to help them become more proficient and comfortable using data.

Case Study

Tableau Success Story

Dive into this eye-opening story of how phData helped a major CPG enterprise develop an Analytics Center of Excellence with Tableau and Data Coach.

Meet our Tableau thought leaders

Luke Stanke is a four-time Tableau Zen Master who leads the Analytics and Data Visualization offering for phData. His innovative approach to visual analytics distills complex data into easy to understand, actionable data products. Luke also literally wrote the book on Tableau. His book, Tableau Strategies, is the only book on the market that explores real-word business examples of how to build actionable strategies in Tableau. 

Luke has also personally trained over 1,000 people on Tableau and even more through his free webinars, how-to videos, and articles.

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Tableau Ambassadors

Autumn Battani

Katrina Johnson

Alice McKnight

Will Strouse

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